This is Halloween

I have a bit of a holiday infatuation.

When the holidays roll around, you can expect my house to be decorated, the proper music to be playing and holiday specific baked good cooking in the oven.

My roommates always dreaded when the holidays came around – I’d force them to watch every holiday movie when running around our apartments with armful of pumpkins, garland or tiny bunnies.

No surface is left untouched.

One of my favorite things to do at Halloween is pumpkin carving. By that I mean, I monster mash around the kitchen while eating pint of pumpkin ice cream while forcing someone else to do all the work. The best one: my Dad.

For years I try to come up with a design to stump him but he has never failed (he still brags about when I was a kid and insisted on a pikachu jack o’lantern which he nailed). This year however, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

 photo Halloween Tradition 20_zpsniuneidn.jpg

I mentioned in my last post that I have to fit all things autumnal into the few remaining weeks before Thanksgiving since I missed out on most of October.

This weekend I grabbed a few handfuls of fall flowers, a big round pumpkin, some (3 cartons) pumpkin ice cream and a few Halloween movies. I had big plans.

 photo Halloween Tradition_zps20r364pc.jpg

 photo Halloween Tradition 2_zpsnjcaijlk.jpg

 photo Halloween Tradition 3_zpsokjou6gg.jpg

Personally, I think it’s a sin to carve a pumpkin while the sun is still out, so I passed away the time with another Halloween tradition: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I started reading this every fall a few years ago. Nothing quite says Halloween to me quite like: “troll in the dungeon! Thought you ought to know” *faints*


 photo Halloween Tradition 7_zps9cfusmze.jpg

This is the first year I got to read the illustrated edition and holy Hogwarts am I smitten with it!

 photo Halloween Tradition 10_zpsmfxbjuzf.jpg

 photo Halloween Tradition 9_zpstbceawel.jpg

The perfect thing to tide you over until Fantastic Beasts comes out!

 photo Halloween Tradition 11_zpsz2zzz7yv.jpg

 photo Halloween Tradition 12_zpsqxo7i3rf.jpg

When the stars started popping out, it was time to get to work.

 photo Halloween Tradition 6_zps5oqjyqge.jpg

 photo Halloween Tradition 14_zpsgumw1xmg.jpg

With a  pumpkin, peanut butter cup sundae. Naturally.

 photo Halloween Tradition 17_zpspwkykz09.jpg

And roasted pumpkin seeds, of course.
 photo Halloween Tradition 18_zpsiyq0rzy1.jpgIt only took me 20+ years to create my own Jack O’Lantern and let me tell you, I’m very, very proud of him.

His name is Rufus and until he starts getting moldy, I will fervently refuse to turn lights on in the house and will walk around carrying him.

 photo Halloween Tradition 20_zpsniuneidn.jpg

The holidays are upon us. Rufus is just the start!


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