Michigan Colors

My lack of blogging as of late has been ridiculous to say the least.

It’s not from a lack of motivation, it’s purely because nothing really has been going on. After all my traveling last month, I’ve been taking the past few weeks to enjoy ‘Il bel far ninety’ – the beauty of doing nothing, which is not photogenic at all.

When the weekend comes or after 5 on a weekday, you will find me makeup free, pants off and hair in a Pebbles Flintstone not on top of my head, nose in a book and glass of wine in my hands.

It’s been great.

I have been feverishly working through my fall bucket list though and have been going for a lot of long fall walks with the pup and, let me tell you, Michigan has outperformed herself this year.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful fall.

 photo C353A7EB-6743-4EE8-AFF2-E13E83F1BFEA_zpsefeqgmwu.jpg

 photo 06991EAB-C10E-417A-8ECE-521A9717E780_zpsvefzcqjj.jpg

 photo D3BF4FB1-02AE-428C-820B-A07CEEF24BE4_zpsiotcizil.jpg

 photo 66740596-CCD5-44AC-AF66-BB4D7CDC71CC_zpsxbacke4r.jpg

 photo C5831065-DD54-4137-B860-F64E935827DB_zpswpqay08n.jpg

 photo 51B287ED-BA51-4B28-B51D-D1269902ED51_zpslh36gel4.jpg
 photo AB61CD5B-6782-4882-8B98-8EFAD5A9B058_zpsjzzfc4tm.jpg

 photo 8A220994-6DA3-4692-96B8-7C150148F43A_zpse0tdz2pe.jpg

 photo DA0E80D8-A731-4B4B-8E0C-21412EB981C7_zpseogcgtbl.jpg

 photo 5ABE41CE-8ED6-4F74-A258-CD60788B587D_zpsgisqlcuj.jpg

 photo 9AAD6122-B878-44A0-8AB7-431397AD0C71_zpsykzgyt7u.jpg

 photo F62CE1B3-3EF3-42E4-9F47-4860D25BDEE5_zps7tm6afqz.jpg

As more and more leaves fall off the tree, the more and more I wish fall would never leaf.


3 thoughts on “Michigan Colors

  1. Joules November 11, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    These pictures are so gorgeous! I love Michigan in the fall.

    You and I are on the same page about how to spend a weekend. Wine + book + PJs is how I intend to spend this weekend.

    Style by Joules


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