The Nutcracker, Detroit Opera House

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! That long weekend was much needed but it just makes Mondays even more brutal when they finally roll around!

I have plenty of photos from the holiday but I couldn’t wait to share my favorite part of the weekend. After 3 days of decorating and cooking in pajamas, yesterday, I threw on some real pants and heels, grabbed my ‘mini me’ and went to the Nutcracker.

I haven’t seen the Nutcracker or been to the Detroit Opera House since I was a little girl. So, when I saw that the Nutcracker would be at the Opera House for a few days after Thanksgiving, I feverishly jumped on the website and bought tickets.

 photo F26AB427-34CE-485B-A10D-C0743E52D319_zpshtoui27d.jpg

What was even more exciting, was the VIPs outside the theater.

I tried to play it cool. Casual. Like this happens every day.

It didn’t work. I was utterly starstruck.

At least I tried, right?

 photo CBB26B57-AB54-4DAF-8B71-6B17210A3E21_zpslmafbzqo.jpg

 photo A3160DEF-586A-497B-A765-1A2F94B20A7C_zpsizmwkeqi.jpg

I only have a few little iPhone pictures of the theater, I’ll be going back a few more times this year and will give you a tour then but I just had to show you the decorations.

No detail was left out. Garland encircling every balcony. A choir singing carols to welcome you. Massive Christmas trees throughout. Nutcrackers of all colors and sizes stationed throughout – from resting on the fireplace mantle to life sized for kids to take photos with.

 photo F26AB427-34CE-485B-A10D-C0743E52D319_zpshtoui27d.jpg

 photo A350B0CD-EAEC-45D6-9F7A-2737223529BE_zpspfoqzdzm.jpg

Baubles, ribbons and red velvet everywhere you look.

 photo D52C24BF-1936-489E-967B-DB8385F0D81B_zpsv1936rcf.jpg

 photo 73AFB86A-74A8-4359-89AC-A67C7C7978D4_zpsstt1ssje.jpg

 photo 193C09C4-600F-447C-863A-3457031CE869_zpseihq4jur.jpg

 photo 94B1EC37-22D0-43EC-BE31-1A88FD4354E0_zps5ph1nd4n.jpg

Even the main chandelier had red and green lights.

 photo 71962784-0667-429F-87A6-6707BF85B756_zps6vbvnetn.jpg

The show was unbelievable. The dancers make everything look so effortless and lead you through a complete story without saying a word.

The most incredible part is how half the cast is made up of children. They are absolutely bursting with talent!

If you’ve never seen the Nutcracker, the ballet tells to story of a young girl and her Nutcracker who turns into a prince on Christmas Eve and they travel together to his Land of Sweets.

The ballet based off the 1816 story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by ETA Hoffman and is set to a score composed by Tchaikovsky. The ballet premiered in 1892 and was not well received. It wasn’t until the New York City Ballet’s new production in 1954 that it became the success it is today.

If you have the chance to see the Nutcracker, you absolutely must. I can think of no better way to start the holiday season.

I’ll be sure to bring a camera to give you a proper tour of the Opera House when I return in a few months to listen to the Music of the Night . . .

 photo DFBCC7FA-6999-41A8-B5C3-D9FDE59CED6C_zpsaolyu4he.jpg


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