Christmas with the Fords

You know by now that when the holidays roll around, different baking flavors is one of my absolute favorite things. What’s my other favorite, you ask? Twinkle lights.

I don’t know what it is about little glimmering lights but I absolutely love them! The more the better. In my last apartment, I kept them up all year.

Lupin loves Christmas too because he gets even more walks than normal because I have to see every holiday decoration that my neighborhood has on display.

You can imagine my excitement then when I found out the Ford House (yes, those Fords) decorated the grounds and mansion for the season and opened the gates to the public.

 photo Ford House Christmas 3_zpssrvmjp6f.jpg

If you remember, last year I went to Zoo Lights. Every inch of the zoo was covered in lights, the paths were full to bursting with laughing children and music bared out of every speaker.

The Ford House (which you may remember from this post) was different. More subtle and elegant and less crowded.

Only select trees lining the path were decorated, making them pop even more against the pitch black background.

Fire pits were scattered here and there, mini trees were decorated by local schools hoping to win an art scholarship and classical christmas songs played softly over the speakers scattered throughout.

 photo Ford House Christmas 11_zpscmrx4q2q.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas_zpscratqsfc.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 2_zpshsismkur.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 4_zps5kjb00ya.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 7_zpsooof9o9y.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 5_zpspbyvuav5.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 6_zps82uoxeau.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 14_zpszxcsmlqu.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 13_zpsza448eyj.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 10_zpsor5dgusf.jpg

All with the backdrop of the mansion decorated and positively glowing in the background.

 photo Ford House Christmas 8_zpsz3wh0urq.jpg

While the mansion is beautiful, I was completely besotted by security’s cottage. The perfect size home for one . . . and complete with Santa’s workshop.

 photo Ford House Christmas 16_zpsxdub9cff.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 17_zpsbvqwr85d.jpg

Even these Scrooges couldn’t resist getting in the spirit.

 photo Ford House Christmas 15_zpsexioo8ly.jpg

Did I mention there was a movie room with enough room for all your friends.

 photo Ford House Christmas 18_zpsex96zpwm.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 19_zpskoa0p5cn.jpg

All nestled behind massive gates to keep nosy neighbors out.

 photo Ford House Christmas 20_zpsryz9g033.jpg

The chauffeur’s cottage wasn’t too shabby either . . .

 photo Ford House Christmas 21_zpsgazdxior.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 22_zpswiknbutc.jpg

Not to mention there were some very famous VIP guests visiting . . .

 photo Ford House Christmas 23_zpsy9xkujnu.jpg

Have you been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year? I can’t even believe we only have two more weekends until Christmas Eve!

Well, if you are like me, twinkle lights help. Most major cities do some sort of winter wonderland and, much like Paris, it’s always a good idea!


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