Not So Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that a week after getting our family Christmas tree, I finally decorated it. Well, sort of.

 photo Christmas Tree 10_zpsumrwxscp.jpg

My parents are hosting Christmas this year and my dad figured the best way for spreading Christmas cheer was not to sing loud for all to hear but to buy a Christmas tree that just about touches the top of our cathedral ceiling.

A 12 foot Christmas tree seems like a good idea, until you have to maneuver it into your house and then tackle the task of making sure it’s perfectly straight.

After finally wresting it into place, no one was in any hurry to go near it again to decorate. So, this weekend, when everyone was working, I figured I’d play Christmas elf and decorate it.

 photo Christmas Tree_zpsbpnxluay.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 3_zpspvout2fs.jpg

Under strict supervision, of course.

 photo Christmas Tree 2_zpsnzjarwaa.jpg

I finally got to unwrap all my packages from Bronner’s and made sure all my favorites were displayed right in front for everyone to admire.

 photo Christmas Tree 5_zpsa9rm3ehz.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 9_zpszfd6q6kh.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 8_zpsmremzmml.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 7_zpsfk4kppkx.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 4_zpsst0apabi.jpg

Everything was going well and good (apart from the huge amount of sap that got tangled in my hair, that I’m still having a hard time getting out. Any suggestions?) until I realized the hard way that, even on a stepstool, I can’t make myself 12 feet tall.

 photo Christmas Tree 11_zpsqkh02dgj.jpg

So, there’s our Christmas tree. Needless to say it was a good laugh and someone much taller than me finally stepped in to finish it a few days later.

Anyone else ever have this problem? How does your tree look this year?


2 thoughts on “Not So Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

  1. Lucindafer December 7, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    My modest Christmas tree suddenly doesn’t look so good…


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