Baby It’s Cold Outside

All thoughts that this winter was going to be warm and dry like last year has been firmly pushed out of my mind after this weekend.

Saturday evening brought snow flurries and just enough chill to make cozing up with a book and a blanket by the window the most perfect winter evening.

By Sunday, the picturesque snow turned into a giant inconvenience. Limited visibility, unplowed drives and slippery roads kept everyone inside.  photo 111DD488-3BAE-4C2A-9333-8AD7D6AD7572_zpswrh5syla.jpg

 photo E7D503FF-8DBB-4A17-AF03-2A4072010619_zpscystitxy.jpg

 photo 8EA4C12D-BA15-4200-91CC-0AEEF943A3C6_zpss4z3bg4t.jpg

 photo D28899E3-95E9-4DEB-A58D-15734772BF34_zpsq797qr7h.jpg

Some of us were beyond thrilled.

If there was ever doubt in my mind of Lupin’s Husky heritage, the first time I saw him in the snow dissolved that.

 photo C0334D62-ABF4-4981-9222-002B735F02BF_zpsajpkldng.jpg

Playing in the snow and then eating a bowl of ice cream is his perfect day and he doesn’t take well to someone interrupting his playtime to take a photo.

 photo CDEB41B6-1D09-42A4-A962-D2E8DC5D92E6_zpsdjwx0lde.jpg

 photo 49F9C2DE-2C1E-4EED-9DE7-E599EB8B8C2A_zpshtr1yuo0.jpg

Remember when I posted about Michigan colors not so long ago? Well it seems those days are long behind us – goodbye colors and hello snow!


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