From Snow to Sun, California

Happy New Year! Don’t you just love the start of a new year? To me, it’s like crawling into a freshly laundered bed or opening a new book for the first time.

A clean slate where you can think about what you want out of life and step back and appreciate what you have.

2016 was a rough year for me and I was very much looking forward to the new year. So much so, I jumped the gun and started working on my 2017 goals  before 2016 ended.

That’s why, right after Christmas, I found my head in the clouds and zooming across the country to visit some of my favorite people.

 photo DC02E9C8-902F-4879-AD07-00E19958952C_zpsjxhia8mz.jpg

 photo 89803129-6F6C-4AC2-B7B0-B5922844CA12_zpsmqafwu2l.jpg

My first day in California was very laid-back. Family sitting around, talking over one another in excitement to catch up.

I didn’t even think for a second to pull out my camera because I was so caught up in everything until evening started rolling in and the sun began to go down, illuminating the lemon trees lining the yard.

Nothing quite says you’re on the other side of the country quite like the sun illuminating a fruit tree, is there?

 photo 78079B34-B37E-4D52-9C79-3F76549CAE7D_zpswjvytina.jpg

 photo 10D2B8A1-482B-4425-BD9B-71CFCBE12A8B_zpsqmmv8vwt.jpg

 photo 4DD05F66-4798-47D2-A018-1432FE5A6AA1_zps8xmzxgru.jpg

As the sky turned to gold, we drove home only to be greeted by the best welcoming party a girl could ask for.

 photo 37061801-C903-4E8D-8709-2BB386F3C916_zps8mpapy5p.jpg

 photo C91D286F-85D0-4D48-87B0-BAA06734B3FA_zpsvj5azap5.jpg

 photo 4CF87585-C1BF-45B2-8B54-D531E981281C_zpsvrb3yyk8.jpg

We sank down by the fire, big glass of red in our hands and chatted until our throats were sore.

 photo 1040FD03-B359-421D-AE99-15BB536BEB95_zpsuihibx3t.jpg

I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

 photo E24F4564-7090-48C0-87A5-CAE70C3B5E33_zpszsbp5pwr.jpg

I have so many California photos to share with you, I can’t wait but I just had to share my few snaps from my first day with the family.

There really is something so special about being so wrapped up in someone’s presence you forget to pull out a camera!


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