La Jolla, California

I woke up early the next morning to howling outside my door. I shot up in bed, thinking something was wrong with Lupin (when he’s in bed, he’s lazier than me). It took me a minute to realize where I was and who was howling.

Let me introduce you to Lupin’s cousin, Luna.

 photo California Day One_zps5ph4h98x.jpg

A sharp as a tack, golden puppy. She and I became fast friends and she would howl at my bedroom door in the morning when she wanted me to get up and play with her.

Who could possibly say no to this face?

 photo California Day One 2_zpsr7fx6vph.jpg

Besides, this is why coffee was invented, right?

 photo California Day One 3_zpsu7jjetqb.jpg

A few rounds of ball later, we dragged her with us on a quick second (third) cup of coffee run.

She was obviously thrilled.

 photo 90287E38-81D8-4605-9405-D5E8BCE1C64E_zps3cp3napn.jpg

Caffeine jitters kicking in and with a quick kiss on the nose . . .

 photo California Day One 4_zpsgri3y3en.jpg

We left Luna to protect the house from squirrels while we jumped in the car and drove to La Jolla, a town in San Diego located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

 photo DSC03721_zpstr9rlk52.jpg

My Aunt insisted La Valencia is the place to go in La Jolla and, as always, she was spot on.

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 11_zpspglep3ka.jpg

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 10_zpsghee7aco.jpg

Chandeliers draped in feathers and jewels, large flower arrangements, colorful Christmas trees and balloons anxiously awaiting to drop on guests’ heads for the new year.

La Valencia is the absolute place to go for a luxuriously indulgent good time.

 photo La Valencia La Jolla_zpsmubtnnlv.jpg

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 4_zpstqdnbuc8.jpg

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 3_zps5f481e0a.jpg

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 5_zpsqtpfo1py.jpg

The painting . . . I mean window (can you believe that!) isn’t half bad either.

 photo La Valencia La Jolla 6_zpsinztgayc.jpg

Fifty shades of blue

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If you love  good wander, La Jolla is the spot for you. There is absolutely no shortage of people watching and little shops to pop in and out of.

 photo La Jolla 2_zps81yeda3h.jpg

 photo La Jolla 7_zpszomf9z7p.jpg

 photo La Jolla 11_zpstbhgooih.jpg

 photo La Jolla 9_zps0ikiqo5c.jpg

If people watching isn’t your thing, you can pop through the shops and count the infinite number of hues of blues that stretch far beyond the horizon.

 photo La Jolla 6_zpsoko9gbjx.jpg

 photo La Jolla 5_zpsdk7qd45o.jpg

For lunch, we headed down to Acquavite.

 photo Acquavite La Jolla_zps2jo5stu3.jpg

 photo Acquavite La Jolla 6_zpsnmw2waix.jpg

 photo Acquavite La Jolla 2_zpsg3tiu8ok.jpg

Italian food is my absolute favorite. There’s something just magical about sitting down with a big glass of wine, good friends and plate after plate of rich, flavorful food.

So know how serious I am when I say the meal at Acquavite has to be one of the best Italian meals I’ve had this side of the Atlantic. I honestly believe you won’t go wrong, no matter what you order.

 photo Acquavite La Jolla 4_zpsof3qxchc.jpg

The view isn’t half bad either.

 photo Acquavite La Jolla 3_zpsnrioaz2w.jpg

 photo Acquavite La Jolla 5_zpsrlfbpml8.jpg

As twinkle lights began to replace the sun, we rushed to the car and sped along the coast back to Laguna to meet an old college friend for a glass of wine.

 photo La Jolla 10_zpsr57ftwto.jpg

As we drove around the day I arrived in California, my Aunt said to me “you know Caitlin, the sky is just different here. I don’t know why, it’s just different and I love it” as we drove home that night with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other, I couldn’t help but think she’s right.

The sky is different in California.

 photo PCH_zpsyp0snvca.jpg

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