Balboa Island, California

After a night of dreaming of the California sky, I woke to howling outside my door – I don’t think I can ever go back to a normal alarm clock again.

A cup of coffee and a few rounds of fetch later, I was whisked out the door and headed back along coast.

 photo PCH California_zpse5qp16y9.jpg

This time, to Balboa Island. A small island by Newport (is all the California knowledge you soaked up when watching Laguna Beach rushing back) that just happens to be the perfect spot for an early morning walk and spot of breakfast.

 photo Balboa Island 3_zpsiznnfmh9.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 2_zpslb0aufj5.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 7_zpsmq5jfuil.jpg

You can walk along the waters edge, watching boats float lazily in the harbor, while kids play in the sand and early morning walkers speed past you, high ponies bopping.

 photo Balboa Island 4_zps524lf8j5.jpg

Or, if you’re like me, you can grab a seat and relax with the sun on your face and with the sound of the waves slowly lapping against the shore all around you.

 photo Balboa Island 9_zpscy0dmbml.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 6_zps8dkbzsos.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 5_zps6znhh2uq.jpg

When the sound of your stomach growling becomes louder than the waves, you can head inland to the cutest downtown area you’ve ever seen.

Rows and rows of stores, markets, restaurants and ice cream stands. You really can’t ask for more.

 photo Balboa Island 14_zpsthmagzpc.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 8_zpspxfz1ber.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 10_zpshzujxob2.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 11_zpsrgqqxosq.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 13_zpsicnrbymw.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 12_zpsyzksh8v7.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 15_zps6nveabeu.jpg

We grabbed a pastry and a smoothie and sat back, watching car after car of tourist pile onto the island.

As the streets started to crowd, we left downtown to zig zag through the residential streets (all named after gemstones, naturally).

Having a huge snow storm in Michigan a few weeks before I left, I could not get enough of these pastel homes, basking in the warm California sunshine with fake, sparkly snow  out front.

 photo Balboa Island 17_zpsrttxczaj.jpg

The houses are incredibly close to their neighbors and deceivingly small.

What you think is a cute, tiny cottage from the front, turns out to be a large mansion as you walk past. If you like window shopping, especially house window shopping, this is the place for you!

 photo Balboa Island 18_zpsp4agosev.jpg

You’ll think you found your new favorite dream house . . . until you head over and see what’s on the next street.

 photo Balboa Island_zpshbzacnfp.jpg

 photo Balboa Island 19_zpsfquvf041.jpg

As the morning ended and the island started crowding, we hopped in the car and headed home to the face we knew would be waiting in the window.

 photo Balboa Island 20_zpssrzj9u6l.jpg

Waking up this morning to a fierce wind and a temperature of 10 degrees makes me miss mornings in the sun something fierce!

I don’t know if I could ever get used to a warm Christmas though. What do you think? Is it something you can easily get used to?

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