Tequila(!) on The Lake, California

After a morning of adventuring, one thing was needed as the afternoon started turning to evening: tequila! Did you hum along and then yell it? If not, just leave this page now.

I mentioned a few posts ago how I’m now a believer that the sky in California is different than anywhere else in the world. The blues in the morning and the vibrant colors when the sun sets are beautiful beyond words. My favorite time though, late afternoon.

After Balboa Island, I hadn’t had enough of the warm California air, the beautiful mountains and especially that sky. I was told there was a perfect place to go and enjoy all of it.

A little Mexican restaurant, Hacienda, right on the Mission Viejo lake with incredible food and an even better view.

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 8_zpsu0qyeyxl.jpg

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo_zps3zhvydl1.jpg

The patio is the perfect place to settle in and watch the afternoon sink away into evening.

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 2_zpsn7klxrxz.jpg

Margarita in hand, obviously.

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 5_zpsarwxyjrw.jpg

It goes without saying that a margarita isn’t complete without a side of fresh, homemade guacamole to nibble on with it.

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 7_zps6phnjcng.jpg

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 2_zpsn7klxrxz.jpg

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 4_zpshhh8dsub.jpg

The face of a very, very happy girl.

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 9_zpsdtggzcyt.jpg

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 10_zps605uzrqo.jpg

 photo Hacienda Mission Viejo 3_zpspqcz1yg6.jpg

Fresh guac, margaritas and mountains. What more could you want out of life?


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