Last Mountain Views, California

I still have one more day of California photos to post but, to tell you the truth, if I were a cartoon character, I’d be Doug from Up. To say I’m easily distracted is an understatement.

I finished How to be a Woman and just had to tell you about it, California photos completely forgotten! I know what you’re thinking, how could I possibly forget the mountains, I’ve only been going on and on about them on Instagram for weeks now!

Those mountains. They speak to me.

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That’s what a good book does to me though. I lose thought of everything else and I just have to talk about it with someone!

So, back to California . . .

On my last day, I woke up to a steady pitter-patter of rain against the window. Pajamas still on, I rolled out of bed and into a big squishy armchair by the crackling fire.

We had a lazy morning, not needing to talk but thoroughly enjoying each others company as we opened the windows to the rain, snuggled up by the fire.

 photo California 3_zpsia89tbny.jpg

 photo California 5_zpsi2rr0go7.jpg

 photo California_zpsqa6k8i7i.jpg

 photo California 4_zpspstjzcfi.jpg

After coffee, we had a long, drawn out breakfast of smoothies, eggs, homemade bread and pancakes.

 photo California 6_zpsznac3kfk.jpg

 photo California 9_zpstqmwajck.jpg

All under the watchful supervision of Luna, who took to stealing freshly laundered clothes and dragging them onto the wet grass, at this point.

 photo California 7_zpshfbx9qcp.jpg

When we finished breakfast, the rain had stopped and the sky was a dazzling blue, just waiting to be admired.

We went for a long walk up a trail by the house so I soak up every last minute of the warm weather and mountains before my late night flight.
 photo 70278B8E-3CA8-48ED-8C51-56B51B16EAFB_zps6if8sics.jpg

 photo 46D0D617-BF7A-40D6-BBE4-63B3AF393B85_zpseq14xigc.jpg

 photo 5573201B-AE6A-429D-8FB4-5D020387CA0E_zpsqpunkkpl.jpg

 photo 86703DCC-D8CB-4B43-95EE-FBB4CAAB66EF_zpsa7e13vtn.jpg

 photo BD43B864-5C19-4CB5-AADE-70191457E355_zpsxn9h1obu.jpg

 photo D3AC84F2-F4CB-4B6E-8FBA-F1BF40B0DBE8_zpsuev8owth.jpg

 photo DBC59858-2726-41FC-967C-E53CEAF07D04_zpsdkrl6k3e.jpg

 photo 5A2E96E0-9523-44E5-BC8E-DDE2D92D5BA6_zpsuqfhrlc6.jpg

You know those moments of complete contentment? There’s nothing like it and for me, I felt that, standing high above the city, surrounded by mountains and standing next to one of the best people in my life.

When I had my fill, we headed back for a shower and a late lunch before I hopped on a plane home.

 photo C38FFC9D-75F3-49F2-B2B3-E1A6703827E2_zpsouzltjdb.jpg

 photo 3268E752-3980-4E69-BF37-8A494323812E_zpsekbbjruk.jpg

When I moved from Chicago, I promised myself I would see more of the world. Something that’s still important to me but now, I want to revise that promise.

Spending the time seeing the world is not as important as who you spend the time with.

What really makes your time traveling spectacular is the people you spend that time with.

 photo 6C9E6236-443F-4DF7-AEEE-2876D57F5D89_zpsbcrerg2n.jpg

What do you think? Do you have a favorite travel buddy? Do you care more about the designation or who you share it with?

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