City of the Dead, New Orleans

I gave you a little tease of my New Orleans trip last week, promptly got distracted and forgot the rest of my posts.

Believe it or not, I didn’t just go to New Orleans to enjoy beignets one morning then leave. Although if you’re thinking of doing that, you won’t be disappointed.

So, after eating our weight in sugary, fried pastries, we hit the street on to our next adventure. . .

 photo New Orleans Beignets 2_zpsmujmmvrj.jpg

 photo New Orleans_zpsapmvkpdv.jpg

 photo New Orleans 2_zpsrhc4kerd.jpg

To the city of the dead.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary_zpsdr2qzzq3.jpg

If you go to New Orleans, you have to do a cemetery tour. I don’t care if you like history, if you’re easily scared, if you think it sounds boring or any other excuse you can think of. You have to do one.

We visited the St. Louis cemetery, the older of the two where you can get tours, and to be fair, my photos don’t even do it justice. It’s utterly spectacular and like nothing I’ve ever seen.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 2_zpsbb7lliqo.jpg

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 4_zps4qf0r4v8.jpg

New Orleans is built on a swamp. The waterbed is about 3 feet below the ground and is extremely active, meaning underground burials in New Orleans, not such a great idea unless you want it to perpetually look like zombies are popping out of the ground to attack you.

Ironically, the concept of above ground burials arose out of fashion (it was all the rage in Europe) not necessity. Whoever said that fashion doesn’t lead to great things was obviously lying.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 3_zpsrhxdkn3y.jpg

A few years back, vandalism became excessive in the centuries. Tombs were desecrated (people actually broke holes in them and would pull bones out), grafitied and statues were beheaded make the cemeteries something straight out of your worst nightmare.

Each tomb belongs to a particular family, so when it gets destroyed, it is the financial responsibility of the family to restore it.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 7_zpsoh6ng1l3.jpg

The cemeteries were closed to the public in response to the vandalism but eventually allowed in tour groups who pay annual fees.

We booked our tour through French Quarter Phantoms.

Our guide, Robin, was fabulous. Full to the brim with facts and dripping in sarcasm. The kind of person you could listen to for hours and then want to grab a drink at a local bar with. If you can request a tour with her, do it. Absolutely do it.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 5_zpsmlc69obh.jpg

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 8_zpsieawu5ep.jpg

Robin also dropped the fact that the Weeping Angels were inspired by the statues in New Orleans cemeteries.

It goes without saying I adamantly refused to blink the entire tour.

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 6_zpslvio6d8c.jpg

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 11_zpsylwycxgd.jpg

I have so many amazing stories from the tour but I won’t spoil them for you. Just be sure to ask about the Italian tomb and who the first person to be placed in it was (hint, it rhymes with shmarcitect).

 photo New Orleans Saint Louis Cemetary 10_zpsxduunn5i.jpg

Leaving the land of the dead behind, we reentered the streets of living, as always, in search of something to eat.

 photo New Orleans 3_zpshuozbhxy.jpg

 photo New Orleans 4_zpsfcuzytxn.jpg

We ended up at Domenica inside the Roosevelt hotel and passed away the early afternoon with pizza and bellinis.

 photo Roosevelt New Orleans_zpso1jwit3n.jpg

 photo Roosevelt New Orleans 2_zpsc86qplhf.jpg

Cheers 🥂

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Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with champagne and cemeteries? I certainly can’t.

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