The Music of the Night, Detroit

When I was a kid, my favorite story was one my mom told me of a ballerina at the opera house in Paris, a masked man with a disfigured face who fell in love with her and a terrific scene of a chandelier crashing down in the middle of the theater.

It wasn’t until college when I found out there was a movie of this story and then a few years later that I saw the play for the first time.

I realized she left a few important details out of the story (kidnapping, murder and deception, to name a few) but when I hear the first DUUUUUUN of that organ, I turn into a complete sobbing mess (like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman only more red faced and snotty). It’s my favorite story and I never miss a chance to experience it.

Especially if you can experience it in an Opera House.

 photo Detroit Opera House 2_zpssd2y3ojn.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 3_zps4pkkqlzf.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 5_zpszneisrte.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 4_zpsdrhe0fnn.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 6_zpshyo8gmrs.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 12_zpsxn7mfsid.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 7_zpsqmgg7zed.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 8_zpsffvxnqzy.jpg

If you’ve never seen Phantom, you must at some point in your life.

The casts are always incredibly talented, the sets are beyond elaborate, every emotion on the spectrum is explored and a giant chandelier does actually drop, stopping just feet above the heads of those in the audience.

 photo Detroit Opera House 9_zps8ujwwtpg.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 11_zpsp9ajh1xz.jpg

 photo Detroit Opera House 10_zpsawpjso75.jpg

It is my absolute favorite show and I never fail to leave the theater with tears in my eyes, entering the crowds on the street singing Music of the Night to myself.

 photo Detroit Opera House_zpsudmozzag.jpg

If you’ve never seen it and it’s not touring by you, take my advice and skip the theatrical movie (I’m totally with you that one should never pass up an opportunity to stare at Gerard Butler but trust me on this) and watch the live recording of the 25th anniversary production. You won’t be sorry.

Isn’t there something just so magical about a night at the theater. Tell me, what’s your favorite show? I’m always looking for new  ones to go to!



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