Spring Weekend in February

Now, I don’t want to jinx anything but it has been *whispers* sunny and warm in Michigan for the last week.

In February.

January through March is the worst time of the year but it’s been between 40-60 degrees lately and the sun has been making an appearance, at least for a portion, of most days lately.

If you don’t live in the midwest, you won’t know how it feels waking up day after day to a dull, gray sky, low temps and bitter winds. To say it’s utterly miserable and depressing is a vast understatement.

Not recently though! This weekend it was in the 60s and the sun was constantly out – which worked perfectly for me. I took a much needed personal day and spent as much time outside, wearing sunnies and being unburdened by a heavy coat as I could!

Three days of waking up without an alarm clock to this face with nothing to do but roll out of bed and make breakfast and slowly enjoy a big mug of coffee.

 photo IMG_1458 2_zpskpknlwfn.jpg

 photo IMG_1460 2_zpsp625kfip.jpg

 photo IMG_1462 2_zpswtrg30zp.jpg

Saturday, we played in the yard and the Wolf got a much needed bath.

Is there anything better than a soft, clean pup?

 photo DSC04112_zpsi0omy3so.jpg

 photo DSC04114_zpscsc2etho.jpg

 photo DSC04113_zpsep17b8ml.jpg

Completely exhausted, Lu dried off in the sun while I worked on some work (taking more study breaks than I’ll admit to go cuddle).

 photo DSC04123_zpsvwqpmkui.jpg

Now, you know how much I love my Sunday mornings. Cuddles first and then coffee in bed while reading a good book. I live for mornings like these.

Being able to crack the window and let in some fresh air and hear the birds chirping was just icing on the cake.

 photo IMG_1494 2_zpsvbizyg89.jpg

 photo IMG_1513_zpslhyzy1og.jpg

When we finally rolled out of bed, we harnessed up for a walk in the sun along the lake. Shedding jackets as we went and stopping here and there to point out our dream houses.

 photo IMG_1531 2_zps80ajnklq.jpg

 photo IMG_1538_zpsu2mxyyhv.jpg

 photo IMG_1536_zpsl7aj53c4.jpg

 photo IMG_1540_zps73o3mncw.jpg

 photo IMG_1539_zpshs80ph4l.jpg

 photo IMG_1541_zpsovodlqdy.jpg

The face of pure happiness.

 photo 615678AA-B31A-4A56-BB32-E558A1EEBBC8_zps4o8nk5rs.jpg

Completely exhausted, we came home. Lu to nap and me to get ready for this week’s midterms.

Studying isn’t half as bad when you can do it next to a window with the sun streaming in across your face.

 photo DSC04159_zps7rrzuado.jpg

 photo DSC04160_zpsjrk19xh8.jpg

As much as I love sweater weather, this weekend gave me a taste for the summer and it cannot come soon enough!


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