Michigan Blackout

If you live in the Midwest, you’ll know that a two weeks ago, a massive windstorm ripped it’s way through Michigan. It was reported to be the biggest weather event in DTE’s history.

Gusts reached over 60 mph resulting in over 800,000 people losing power, massive tree damage and over 4,000 down power lines.

To add insult to injury the day after the storm, temperatures rapidly decreased to the teens.

I remember as a kid thinking blackouts were exciting but this was an entirely different story.

The day of the storm, my house still had power. I came home from work the next day to it completely out, resulting in a frantic scramble for batteries and candles, all while trying to calm down two very nervous dogs.

As the night rolled in, you become engulfed in an impenetrable darkness. It feels like a think velvety black curtain has completely engulfed you – it’s extremely unnerving.

I settled in on the couch for the night, wrapped up in layers and piles of blankets, reading a book by flashlight until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore.

Late the following night, as the house was getting increasingly cold, with a pop of the speakers, the power came back on.

 photo DSC04187_zpskbzpdq8p.jpg

 photo DSC04183_zpsz6zvkglo.jpg

 photo DSC04185_zpsgsaqpivu.jpg

 photo DSC04184_zpsc6vpyxnt.jpg

 photo DSC04178_zpswufxgbp8.jpg

I was incredibly lucky that I had such a short duration without power. Some people didn’t get power until days later and I can only imagine how cold their houses got.

Lesson learned as spring approaches bringing storms with it – always be sure to have a stack of fresh candles and batteries on hand!


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