Wolf Wednesday: Spring Morning Wander

It may be controversial to say this but I think I like spring more than summer. Maybe it’s a result of being an adult now and summer not meaning freedom. I have no idea why I was in such a hurry to grow up, kids have it made!

Anyway, in spring you have the promise of summer and the exciting anticipation that comes with it. The sun is almost always out, days are longer, mornings are crisp, you can curl up under the covers with the night breeze coming in from a cracked window.

My favorite part of the day is Lupin’s morning walk. Fueled up on almond butter toast and coffee, I snuggle into a sweatshirt and stroll around the neighborhood which is currently in full bloom.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain this year which has resulted in the biggest, brightest blooms I’ve ever seen and smells that turn my wolf into a bloodhound.

He’ loves our morning walks just as much as I do and sits next to me all during breakfast, just waiting until it’s time.

 photo DSC04202_zpsuf9flljm.jpg

Just look at this and tell me spring isn’t a magical time.

 photo DSC04208_zps1thm0uev.jpg

 photo DSC04207_zpsd8rn8p3j.jpg

 photo DSC04223_zpspwsw3kci.jpg

 photo DSC04217_zps8nl1ut4h.jpg

 photo IMG_2373_zpshnolx7po.jpg


 photo DSC04224_zpsone69iow.jpg

 photo DSC04216_zpstooxhryd.jpg

 photo IMG_2375_zpsqlbc2zle.jpg

 photo IMG_2379_zpswyvhkrvg.jpg

I really can’t think of a better way to start the day than with an outdoor wander in the early morning sunlight, fresh faced and cozy before meetings, phone calls and hoards of emails becomes reality.



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