Box Subscription: Hello Fresh

I feel like there’s a box subscription for everything now. You name it, it can come in a monthly box, perfectly packaged, right on your doorstep. We’re either living in a very lazy age or a very lucky, innovative one. I haven’t quite decided yet.

My friends and family alike have been subscribing to food boxes recently. For me, I love my weekend grocery store runs and have stayed clear. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical about it all. How can veggies be sent to you that are fresh and, most importantly, not full of preservatives? Well, I finally caved, ordered from Hello Fresh and am here to tell you it’s possible. The food was delicious and more importantly, extremely convenient.


Within a refrigerated box, each meal comes in its own separate box with everything you’ll need to make your meal including a meal card with instructions, measurements, and calorie information.

On the weekdays, I tend to be the laziest cook there is. Truth be told, most days I come home from work throw whatever vegetables I have in the fridge into a salad and call it a night. I’ve always said though if I could be like the chefs on cooking shows where everything is already pre-measured and ready to go, I could be a great chef. If you’re like me, you’ll love Hello Fresh.

My box was vegetarian and my meals included quesadillas, couscous, and a salad. All the veggies and fresh herbs in the box were fresh, flavorful and the perfect amount.







The recipes were fantastic and only took around 30 minutes to make. My misgivings about the quality of vegetables were all wrong; everything included was incredibly fresh.

It does make you feel like Giada (or whoever your favorite cooking show host is) when you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out what would be good ratios and measurements.

If you’re having a lazy week and don’t want to cook or if you live alone (which can be very hard to shop for food for), definitely give Hello Fresh a try. It’s convenient, fresh and the recipes are not only delicious but easy to make.

Have you tried a box subscription? Which one and what did you think?

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