Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, Carrie Brownstein

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I won’t lie here, I absolutely judged this book by it’s cover.

I’m certain this is my favorite book title I’ve ever read.

You see it, read it, let it sink in and then begin the slow clap.

 photo IMG_2048_zpsrwmwvjj4.jpg

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a memoir (as you can obviously see above) by Carrie Brownstein.

Some of you may know her as a member of the punk-indie band Sleater-Kinney. Others may know her as the co-creater of the show Portlandia with Fred Armisen.

Others of you, like me, may have never heard of her but don’t let that stop you from reading the book!

Her memoir mostly covers the time from her childhood up until around the time the band broke up.

She is a good, authentic writer and her book is easy to read (I think there is a negative connotation with something being easy to read but I don’t mean it as a negative at all. I found her storytelling very compelling and, therefore, easy to read).

She talks a lot about the punk-indie music scene which is something I’ve never really cared much for and so it went a bit over my head but her passion for music is undeniable.

What I loved about the book was her insiders perspective to being in the media spotlight. She discusses the frustrations of being asked questions being prefaced with “female” and how she was outed as a bisexual, without her permission, through an article about the band.

I’m not sure about you but I find it extremely reassuring to read memoirs by successful women who discuss their road to success. I think it’s all too easy to look at people we admire or define as successful and only see where they are now.

To be able to have them invite you into their lives to show the difficult times, the failures and the work to get where they are is anxiety relieving to me.

 photo FullSizeRender 11_zpsy0v6pqsp.jpg

I enjoyed Carrie Brownstein’s book and would definitely recommend you check it out. If you do read it, be sure to pop back over and tell me what you think!

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  1. I am a fan of Portlandia and this sounds like a very interesting insight into not only one of the creative minds behind the show, but also the perspective of a woman playing music in a mainly male-dominated scene. I’ll have to add this to my TBR. Thanks for the recommendation!


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