6 Ethical Cosmetic Products That Won’t Break The Bank

Two weeks ago I talked about my mission to find ethical, natural products that are economically friendly. I honestly believe that just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, sustainable brands.

Today, we’re talking all things beauty and skincare.

One issue that has been really close to my heart for a while now is cruelty-free beauty products. I’ll warn you now though, you do one google search for cruelty-free and you will get non-stop ads from PETA.

I’m becoming more aware of researching brands before buying them and have been so happy with the results so far!

First things first, deodorant.


Tom’s is natural with no artificial colors or preservatives. They do not test on animals and endorse sustainable practices. I’m a pretty sweaty person so take it from me when I say this deodorant is fantastic. It’s odorless and hasn’t stained my clothes once (which I’m notorious for). I buy mine at my local Trader Joes.


My other favorite TJ find is their lavender body scrub. It’s exactly what it sounds like and is even better than you’re imagining. Don’t take my word for it? Check out this HuffPost article (I can also vouch for the Coconut body butter).


Pacifica is an all natural cosmetic brand that you can find in drugstores (I know, almost too good to be true).

I live for their coconut makeup removing wipes. They smell like coconut which puts me in the best mood before bed and after using them for about 2 weeks, I noticed how much healthier my skin looks. They get all the makeup off my face and leave it with a healthy glow. Cruelty-free and vegan – you really can’t go wrong there! Plus, I’m a sucker for good packaging.


One company that is indisputably cruelty-free is urban decay. My new favorite eyeshadow is “Sin” – it’s neutral with a bit of shimmer making it perfect for summer days. Urban Decay is a cool company too, dedicated to women’s empowerment and cruelty-free (two of my favorite things). You can find them at Sephora.


My absolute favorite new makeup find: Pacifica mascara. I’ve always hated mascara. I didn’t start wearing it until last year because I hated the feel of it. Pacifica feels like you’re not wearing mascara at all! It stays on all day and you don’t even realize you’re wearing it! Its formula is infused with coconut oil and vitamin B to strengthen and lengthen. I know, almost too good to be true but would I lie to you?


My day-to-day look is natural looking eyes and dramatic lips. My problem is, I work in an office and get absorbed in what I’m doing, only to look up and realize a meeting I’m scheduled to attend starts at that moment. I rush out of my office, pens and notepads flying everywhere to arrive just in time. The problem: my lipstick is normally half worn off at that point from drinking tea or snacking and while I’m trying to act calm and composed, my lipstick says otherwise.

Bite Beauty’s matte creme lip pencil was made for me. It stays on almost all day. I reapply after lunch and am good to go until I get home. It doesn’t run onto my teeth and doesn’t dry out my lips. They have all kinds of fun colors – my favorite is Framboise (I’m wearing it here). The products are made with natural and organic ingredients and are cruelty-free. You can find Bite at Sephora.

Do you have any cruelty free, natural cosmetic suggestions? I’m always looking to try new products!

If you’re interested in researching cruelty free brands, Peta has a section of their website where you can search companies to see if their policies are considered cruelty free.

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