Top 3 packing necessities for traveling with a dog

I love traveling with Lupin. However, there are definite ups and downs when traveling with a dog but I tend to find the ups always outweigh the bad. If I’m traveling someplace where I want to wander outside, stroll through downtowns, hike and just people watch, I can’t find a reason not to bring him!

Traveling with a dog does add extra stress when it comes to packing though. I’ve found on more than one occasion I’ve forgotten something for me because I’m so worried about not having everything for him.

For those of you who stress about traveling with your dog too, I’ve put together my top three things you need to make sure you always have

1. Collapsable bowls

They take up less room in your suitcase and are convenient to carry around with you when you’re out on the town. If your dog is anything like Lupin, he will be nervous in general just being in a strange place so you have to be sure to keep them hydrated at all times.

Crystal Mountain Resort, Thomsonville MI

2. Paperwork

I always bring Lupin’s paperwork with me. His adoption papers, shot history and medication information. It’s probably not necessary and I’ve never needed it for anything yet but I’d rather be prepared than need it in an emergency and not have it.


3. Big bag of food and treats

I always bring too much food with me but I’d rather have too much than not enough. I’ll take a gallon bag, fill it with food at home. Due to the ziplock, it stays closed much better than a small bag of food from the store (and it’s cheaper if you buy big bags already, like me). Trust me, the last thing you want is to clean up all the pieces from your car if the bag opens. Treats is a given. Traveling can be stressful for dogs so positive reinforcement and praise when they behave is important.


As an extra tip, I also like bringing with me something of his from home like a toy or his bed depending on where we’re going to help him feel more comfortable in hotels.

Do you ever travel with your pup? What are your travel essentials when you do – did I miss anything?

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