#GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso

You know that question, “if you could have 10 people over from any time in history for a dinner party, who would you invite”? If Sophia Amoruso isn’t on your list, she should be.


Two of my favorite things are people with stories to tell and people who are so unashamedly themselves. In a world where we try to live a life and try to be the person who looks has become the staple of Instagram popularity, to hear of someone who is themselves, regardless of what people think, is the coolest thing in my opinion.

I wrote about Lean In, a while back. Well, #GirlBoss is the rebel girl version of that. Sophia writes about her life, the hard work (it’s incredible, you can practically feel her passion and dedication for her company radiating off the page like the sun) in the foundation of her company Nasty Gal and advice for all the #girlbosses in the world.

Her book is written almost as if it’s a letter to a friend where she addresses you, the reader, the friend, as #girlboss. Hearing her constantly talk to you, #girlboss, makes you not so subtly want to become #girlboss.

I find it to be so inspiring, hear about others who have found and pursued their passion so ferociously. It makes you want to do the same, giving you that extra push to go from knowing what your passion is to actively chasing it.

I did feel like the book got a little bogged down at the end but not so much that I wouldn’t recommend it! It’s a great story and a quick, easy read. Perfect for a summer day at the beach and, hey, if it inspires you to go after what you’re passionate about, you’ll be all the better off.

Have you shopped at Nasty Gal before? More importantly, who would you invite to your dinner party?

8 thoughts on “#GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso

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  1. I read #Girlboss about a year go and whilst I did like it, I was expecting it to be better as I had read so many incredible reviews! But I agree with you, it’s so nice to see someone who is just themselves as this is quite rare nowadays… x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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