Summer Road Trip, Northern Michigan

Last weekend, I went on my first trip of the summer and it was fantastic! We rushed home from work, threw our bags in the car and set off into the sunset.


One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Michigan is the sheer size of it. Four hours in the car and we’re still in the same state but feel a million miles away.

We stayed at Crystal Mountain (which you may remember from this post or this). The resort is in, what feels like, the middle of nowhere but is just a short drive from all the best known northern Michigan beach towns. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to travel to in Michigan. You can rent whole cabins if you bring the whole family or rooms set up like little apartments if it’s just you and a friend. It’s the perfect getaway if you love being outdoors (which I do).

If you can’t raise a glass to that kind of resort, what can you?


We spent the first day wandering around the downtown shops and beach at Traverse City. Wiggling our toes in the sand, peeping into boutique shops and relaxing into a long lunch.



We came home for a stroll among the pines in the setting sun before retiring in to night of wine, pizza and poorly played charades.



The following day we headed over to Sleeping Bear Dunes for what I had hoped to be a day of hiking. The dream was cut short upon arrival and a severe warning about walking dogs along the trails because the ticks were particularly bad at the time. Never one to turn my back on adventure, we improvised – staying firmly away from all wetland, tick-infested areas and finding our own paths.







Wearing my Yoga Democracy leggings that I talked about here. Check them out if you’re looking for an ethical athletic brand that won’t break the bank.



Sleeping Bear Dunes is known for it’s panoramic views of the Lake Michigan and, naturally, enormous sand dunes. One minute you’ll be looking out, feeling like the King of the World and the next instant, your entire view will be shrouded in mist so thick you can’t see more than a few feet in front of you (I blamed Dementors but no one else believed me).




When our day to leave finally arrived, we made one last stop to the beach town, Ludington, for a snooze in the sun with the soundtrack of the lapping waves before heading back to reality.



Isn’t it amazing what a few days away from the routines of everyday life can do for you?

Tell me, have you started your summer travel yet? Where are you going?

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