Long Weekend in San Antonio, Texas

I’m very lucky that I have some great friends. I’m very unlucky that said friends are spread out across the world from London to California. On the downside, I can’t just call them up when I’m having a bad day to meet for a glass of wine. On the plus side, it gives me the very best excuse to travel.

Which is how I found myself, strolling down the Riverwalk in San Antonio a few weeks back.



A total tourist trap which I fell into immediately. If seeing one of your closest friends for the first time in months isn’t a good enough reason to drink subpar margaritas before noon, I don’t know what is.



San Antonio is best known for being the home of the Alamo, the site where Americans died during the Texas Revolution, fighting for slavery. Let’s just mull this as a landmark over for a minute.




While I found the Alamo a bit anticlimactic (isn’t that the too often case with historical landmarks where reputation can hardly live up to reality), I thought San Antonio as a city was fantastic.

It reminded me of Europe where you have old, beautiful buildings surrounded by a modern city. There’s a movie theater and H &M across from the Alamo.

It’s definitely a young person’s city with massive farmers’ markets, eclectic bars and good food. There’s never a shortage of beautiful buildings, art, places to wander or people watching to be had.


There are few things I love more than exploring a city with someone who lives there. It’s an entirely different experience than the masses get. I asked my friend what one of the coolest things she’s discovered since she moved here and she said, the missions.

There are a handful of missions scattered throughout the city. The Alamo is obviously the most famous but, in my opinion, is the least beautiful. You can rent bikes and follow a mission trail or, if the humidity is thick enough you can barely move, you can drive, park, rush into the mission, ooh and aah and rush back to beautiful air conditioning, which is exactly what I did.








Even though I like a native’s perspective of a city, some tourist things are a must. They’re touristy for a reason, right?

In San Antonio, that is the Tower of the Americas. A 750 foot tower that lays the entire city out for you as you sit back with a cold glass of wine.


You can definitely tell the residents apart from the tourists here. One has their noses pressed against the glass, others are less impressed.


I couldn’t think of a better place though to celebrate National Rosé Day.

Is there anything better than being in a new city, with one of your best friends, drinking a cold glass of wine? I say there’s nothing better at all.


I was so pleasantly surprised with San Antonio and will say, if you get the chance, go!

I know I’ll be back! Any suggestions of places I should go when I do?

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