2 Books Everyone Should Read

I’ve been digging through, cleaning out and reorganizing the piles and piles of books I have all over my house and it got me thinking, if I had the power to choose a book that everyone in the world should read, what would I choose?

It sounds like an easy question but I’ve been thinking about it for weeks trying to make a decision! My minds been wandering during yoga meditation, walking the dog, in the time when right before I fall asleep. I’ve narrowed it down to two and just can’t decide between them!


One is Harry Potter. I don’t think I’ll specify a specific one, people can choose which story speaks to them. I said the first time I’ve read them and I’ll say now, after reading them more times than I’ll admit, they are some of the best written books I’ve ever read. In our world of 140 characters or less, I feel like we only scratch the surface on good, clever writing. The plot line of Harry Potter is so engaging, so complex and is interwoven so cleverly throughout the series. It’s so different from the day-to-day surface level reading of emails, headline scanning and social media and I think they serve as a reminder as to why story-telling has been one of the greatest past times since civilizations started.

I also think it increases people’s creativity. Reading about this magical world, you have to imagine and see in your mind spells, dragons and impossible things. I truly believe that increasing and working on our own creativity helps us see the world in a more open, empathetic way where the importance of humanity and understanding differences is stressed.

My other choice is Man’s Search for Meaning. I know, a complete parallel. I’ll be posting my review of the book here later but the overview is it looks at Victor Frankl’s experiences in Concentration Camps and his views of finding the meaning in life. I know it sounds dense but it’s actually a much easier read than you’d think (if you liked Night, you’ll love this). I agreed with a lot of his theories but even if you don’t, I think it’s good to think about life and your place in it. Also, as a lover of history, I think this is a great book to explore one of the most horrific events that has happened in this world. I know many people aren’t big fans of history because of dull, textbooks that just list endless dates and names. This pulls you into and makes you feel like you’re right alongside Frankl during his personal experiences.

Tell me, what books would you choose and why? I’d love to know!

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  1. Harry Potter is definitely one of the books I’d choose as well, also something by Tamora Pierce, though I’m not sure what.
    I love history, but I’ve read SO much about World War II, and I’m now sick of it, and avoid anything set in that time…


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