TOMS: When Life Gives You Lemons

Every summer I find one piece of clothing becomes my staple. What I wear all the time whether it matches with everything else or not. This year my staple falls right in line with my new mission to shop my responsibly. It’s a company that I know you’ve heard of but the mission is too great not to talk about.


TOMS was founded in 2006 when Blake Mycoskie (the founder) saw the hardships children in Argentina faced, growing up with out shoes. He created TOMS with the mission for every shoe purchased, a new pair of shoes would be sent to a child in need. Today, TOMS has given over 60 million shoes to children in over 70 countries.

The shoes are made of sustainable and vegan matures including  organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural hemp. The boxes are made from 80% recycled post-consumer waste and the ink used is soy.


They are a very open company and disclose that they manufacture shoes in China, Ethiopia and Argentina and that they actively work to oversee that corporate responsibility standards are upheld

Within the past few years TOMS has become a very trendy brand. It’s great that people are seeking out sustainably made shoes (whether they realize it or not) but I think it’s important to think back on what an awesome company they are.

They’re perfect shoes for spring, summer and fall and the price is absolutely reasonable. This is my second pair of TOMS. My first pair lasted me a good five years and only recently started showing serious wear and tear, so you know you’ll be getting enough bang for your buck.


If there was ever a brand that follows my model of ethical and affordable, it’s TOMS.

Tell me, do you wear TOMS? What do you think? Are they your summer staple too?

2 thoughts on “TOMS: When Life Gives You Lemons

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  1. I have never worn TOMS — mainly because I think those types of shoes don’t look good on me — But i am guilty of rocking UGGS all year round –drives people crazy but I love them 🙂


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