Life Update: August

Do you ever have those moments when you blink, life happens and next thing you know summer is in its last month, your yoga membership expired and you haven’t blogged in 4 weeks?


July was a flurry of travel, school, long nights, early mornings, friends visiting and long walks. I honestly have no idea where the time went and just know things are going to get crazier from here. It’s amazing how things change, I began this blog almost two years ago and wrote about 5 days a week. I cut that down to 3 and now think it’ll have to be 2. I’ve never been more busy but can’t stand the thought of not blogging so 2 days a week is better than none.

So, I figured I would do a little life catch up through my Insta-snaps.

I finally got a chance to sit down and read Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road. I have been so excited to read this book that the truth is, it could never live up to everything I wanted it to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very good. It’s exceptionally human. If you ever feel like there’s a lack of compassion and humanity in the world, this is for you.

Saturday night well spent

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I had my first Hello Fresh order! After work, I study, walk Lupin and workout which leaves little free time to cook. Most nights dinner is either salad or cereal. Hello Fresh is quick and adds variety to my routine. Plus, being vegetarian, I often am bound to have some food that goes bad before I can eat it. Hello Fresh sends just exactly the amount you need, eliminating unnecessary food waste.

@hellofresh had done the impossible . . . Got me in the kitchen!

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How could anyone resist this face, begging for a walk? I’ve taken to listening to podcasts on our long walks. My favorites are “Stuff You Missed in History Class”, “History Extra” and, of course, “Sheroic”. I’m always on the lookout for more though – any recommendations?


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I finally was able to do the long road trip I’ve been dreaming about for two years. We hopped in my packed-to-the-ceiling Jeep and drove over to the East Coast. More to come later.

Road trippin'

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Is it too soon to start planning our next adventure?

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For anyone who has taken summer classes, you’ll know how intense they are. The terms are shorter but the workload stays the same. Throw travel into the mix and you’ll get all your extra spare time trying to read a few extra pages.

"What is a week-end"

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Already over Monday. Is it the weekend yet?

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I try to get a few minutes of fun reading in a day. After Gloria Steinem, I picked up The Summer Before the War. If you like history, Downton Abbey or just a good story, I recommend it.

Finishing the weekend the right way

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One of my best friends is in town and I’ve been taking full advantage. There’s no better way I’d like to spend a summer night than with an old friend, sitting by glistening lake, with waves slowly lapping to the shore as the sun sets.

#nofilter needed for this sunset

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That’s where I’ve been! Life has been busy but it’s good to be back.

Amazing street art. . .I couldn't resist.

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