New England Road Trip, Part One

When I lived in Chicago, as much as I loved the city, I felt imprisoned. I wanted to travel, to see the world, to take Lupin to new places and wander. I didn’t have a car and paying to rent one and then paying to clean the dog hair was out of my budget.

I moved to Michigan almost two years ago and one responsibility after another prevented me from my road trip dreams. This summer, I decided no excuse was great enough to keep me from the road. I mapped out my route, reserved hotels and planned nothing but to wander.


July finally rolled around. I packed the car to bursting. Brought enough treats to feed a dog army. Jumped in the car and we were on the way.



Finally the day came, after a stressful drive through a pitch black, foggy Canadian night and an even longer drive through New York, we arrived in Providence, Rhode Island.

The weather made for a stressful, at times white-knuckle drive. Beds never looked so good in my life. The next morning, we woke up to our own personal alarm clock telling us it was time to seize the day and see the city.


When asked why I chose the cities I did, I had to admit I did the millennial version of throwing darts at a map. I went on to my Pinterest “Wander” board, found random posts and decided to see those places for myself.

Providence didn’t disappoint. A college town full of eclectic people, good coffee and no shortage of paths to walk or old buildings to look at. Even in the summer, students rushed around with massive backpacks on and peddled around on bicycles, laughing, telling stories of the night before.

Teenagers in matching sporting sweatsuits were taking a break from camps and parents ushered teenagers around, discussing the pros and cons of this college versus others they looked at.

I found it to be the perfect mix of young and old. You find art mixed with history. Classic New England and modern city. I loved it.







This is one of my favorite travel dresses. I’ve rolled it in a ball and shoved it in my suitcase multiple times this summer and it hasn’t wrinkled once. Plus it’s currently on sale.



Sooner than I wanted, we had to say goodby to Providence and head on to our next stop. My mom’s best friend lives in a small beach town in Massachusetts. While I planned this trip on the basis of no plans, I had to plan this. Family always takes priority in my travel plans. Turns out, the view wasn’t so bad either.



My road trip was suppose to be a 10 day affair. The Wolf and I were going to hop in the car and roam around, stopping anywhere that looked good or staying put where we were. A few months before leaving my Mom asked if she could tag along. The problem was, she could only get 5 days off work. I didn’t think twice about agreeing and I’m so glad I did. As much as I love to travel, there’s nothing better than traveling, having those shared experiences with someone you love.



^ My Mom’s best friend. They became friends since the 2nd grade and have been inseparable since. No matter how much time passes since they talked last, they always get together as if it’s been no time at all. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like that!


Duxbury is everything you could ever want in an East Coast beach town. Independent bookstores, sail boats dotting the horizon, wooden seafood shacks. You truly feel any weight sitting on your shoulders, drift away in the sea air.

DSC05009 2

We stayed up late in the night, drinking wine and catching up, surrounded by tall trees and under a starry sky (which you could see thanks to no city lights). The next morning, we headed back to the bay with arms full of coffee and pastries to see the water had completely receded, leaving boats nestled in the sand. Apparently this is a daily occurrence but amazed me, nevertheless.



All too soon, we were hugging goodbye, loading the car up to our next spot (which I’ll share next week).

I have been wanting to travel to New England for a while now and was a little worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Sometimes, when you dream of something for so long, the reality just can’t compare. This was not the case for me. I loved Providence, I loved Duxbury, I loved the sea and driving through tall trees and rocky hillsides.

New England is so incredibly beautiful and while I was sad to leave Duxbury, I couldn’t wait to see what else the East Coast had to offer.

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