Galentine’s Day 2017

What’s Galentine’s Day?

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I love Galentine’s Day! I’m a firm believer in the importance of having strong women in our lives and a holiday that allows you to celebrate these women, what could be better?

If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, it was invented by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recs.

“Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

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 photo 108D57B8-16F8-4384-A455-1363C4F349FC_zpspyqjiyqo.jpg

 photo 1D050DF8-4DDD-438F-A6F9-B9F2E0D2B9BA_zpsmki6nqed.jpg

 photo 97285FF3-5E51-4BD9-8B9E-07EA611AA37F_zpsdkj7mm5d.jpg

A holiday that gives you an excuse to eat breakfast food and celebrate the women in your life who lift you up when you’re down, inspire you to do great things and challenge you to be the best you can be. Honestly, can you think of a better holiday?

From Snow to Sun, California

Happy New Year! Don’t you just love the start of a new year? To me, it’s like crawling into a freshly laundered bed or opening a new book for the first time.

A clean slate where you can think about what you want out of life and step back and appreciate what you have.

2016 was a rough year for me and I was very much looking forward to the new year. So much so, I jumped the gun and started working on my 2017 goals  before 2016 ended.

That’s why, right after Christmas, I found my head in the clouds and zooming across the country to visit some of my favorite people.

 photo DC02E9C8-902F-4879-AD07-00E19958952C_zpsjxhia8mz.jpg

 photo 89803129-6F6C-4AC2-B7B0-B5922844CA12_zpsmqafwu2l.jpg

My first day in California was very laid-back. Family sitting around, talking over one another in excitement to catch up.

I didn’t even think for a second to pull out my camera because I was so caught up in everything until evening started rolling in and the sun began to go down, illuminating the lemon trees lining the yard.

Nothing quite says you’re on the other side of the country quite like the sun illuminating a fruit tree, is there?

 photo 78079B34-B37E-4D52-9C79-3F76549CAE7D_zpswjvytina.jpg

 photo 10D2B8A1-482B-4425-BD9B-71CFCBE12A8B_zpsqmmv8vwt.jpg

 photo 4DD05F66-4798-47D2-A018-1432FE5A6AA1_zps8xmzxgru.jpg

As the sky turned to gold, we drove home only to be greeted by the best welcoming party a girl could ask for.

 photo 37061801-C903-4E8D-8709-2BB386F3C916_zps8mpapy5p.jpg

 photo C91D286F-85D0-4D48-87B0-BAA06734B3FA_zpsvj5azap5.jpg

 photo 4CF87585-C1BF-45B2-8B54-D531E981281C_zpsvrb3yyk8.jpg

We sank down by the fire, big glass of red in our hands and chatted until our throats were sore.

 photo 1040FD03-B359-421D-AE99-15BB536BEB95_zpsuihibx3t.jpg

I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

 photo E24F4564-7090-48C0-87A5-CAE70C3B5E33_zpszsbp5pwr.jpg

I have so many California photos to share with you, I can’t wait but I just had to share my few snaps from my first day with the family.

There really is something so special about being so wrapped up in someone’s presence you forget to pull out a camera!



A little late in the game (as always) but in my opinion, it’s never a bad time to talk about the holidays.

Thanksgiving was almost an entire week ago, can you believe it? It seems like it was just yesterday.

I think one of the best things about Thanksgiving is how differently people spend the day. Some have big parties, others see family members they haven’t seen in a year, some travel, some stay host and others, like my family, keep it small and cozy.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016_zps573cbqld.jpg

Every year, our day begins lounging around in bed, getting out just in time to watch the parade (flipping back and forth between New York and Detroit) and enjoy Tazo’s Joy tea (my absolute favorite) and homemade coffee cake.

We lounge around in pajamas, oohing and ahhing over the new floats, singing along to Christmas songs and not-so-secretly hoping Underdog will float away.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 2_zpsiylozwku.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 3_zps2lfmxhx1.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 4_zpsaxscasar.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 5_zpsdpn93zwa.jpg

Still full from breakfast, we start preparing dinner (the key to not eat everything when you’re still cooking. Not that I do that) and bring out box after box of Christmas decorations.

Once the potatoes are peeled, veggies are chopped and the turkey is snug in the oven, we pop a needle on a Christmas record. It’s time to dance. I mean, decorate.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 7_zpsoaeliu0k.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 8_zpslpzroroz.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 9_zpsdckg0syp.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016  10_zps39bhcjjl.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 12_zps4icig6mo.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 14_zpsadtuniok.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 13_zpsmgy2zzew.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 18_zpsbegsfzyj.jpg

We started putting Christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite traditions.

With all the craziness that the holiday season brings, it’s so nice to have a day to spend in pajamas, slippers and makeup free.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 16_zpsscwls4ng.jpg

When the house is fully aglow, we grab a cup of cheer and settle down with our feet up as the house began filling with the smells of garlic and turkey.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 20_zpsfsbn7sxz.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 21_zpsqrp29ads.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 22_zpsuvy5g1ax.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 23_zpsjg1gvlna.jpg

While little gremlins feel the need to slow down the cooking processes to taste . . . for poison of course. It’s for the betterment of the family, really.

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 24_zpsjzfclpnq.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving 2016 26_zpsw0wbbjfv.jpg

I love Thanksgiving. The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is my favorite of the entire year.

It’s the time to reflect on your life, both the good and the bad. To realize all the good you have, remember that the bad will pass and that everything that happens, both good and bad, has led you to where you are.

On Thanksgiving, no matter how bad a year has been, my family has always found something to be thankful for and for that, I’m thankful.


Memorial Day

Did everyone have a good long weekend?

I believe 100% that there are few things as fantastic and as satisfying in life as a long, summer weekend! Plus, how lucky are we that this year Memorial Day was absolutely beautiful!

 photo DSC01043_zps1ugzehdn.jpg

I spent most of the day running errands and out in the yard with Lupin but at night we had a good, old fashioned barbecue. The first of what I hope to be many this summer.

Some of us were very excited about it all.

 photo DSC01026_zps3nxkuslk.jpg

 photo DSC01032_zpskk73tkwh.jpg

It was nothing fancy – just a few of us sat around with cocktails, chatting away. No makeup, no shoes, no worries.

 photo DSC01054_zpsykmuhbjl.jpg

 photo DSC01049_zpsvetlavc1.jpg

 photo DSC01056_zpsnrqt21sn.jpg

 photo DSC01038_zpsxpxcjexe.jpg

 photo DSC01059_zpsqo6k1n1h.jpg

 photo DSC01066_zpsi2au8dfn.jpg

 photo DSC01061_zpssaq5cdid.jpg

What did you do for your day off?

Did you go boating? Barbecue? Spend the day bumming around the house refusing to put on pants (don’t even try to deny it. We’ve all been there)?


Mother’s Day

I’m not sure who was more excited for Mother’s Day this year – my mom or I.

My Mom and I typically do everything together but these past few months we’ve been like ships passing in the night. We’ve both been ridiculously busy and our schedules just haven’t matched up.

As the day got nearer, I was afraid something would come up. There’s no way we’d be lucky enough to get the same day off to spend the holiday together.

Finally we got our schedules and it was a miracle, we were both free women!

Sunday morning, we woke up to a clear day of blue skies and took the wolf out for a little walk.

 photo Red Tree Spring_zpsavdxrlgb.jpg

 photo Downtown Grosse Pointe_zpsnq1vusk8.jpg

This past weekend was the local “paint the window contest” – kids register to paint a picture on the window of shops that fit into a theme.

This year was something space related (I’m not quite sure what) there was a lot of Star Wars though which made Lupin (Darth Wolf to his enemies) very happy.

Personally, I loved the one of a monkey in an astronaut suit floating in space. Classic.

 photo Grosse Pointe Paint The Window_zpsgwt5ajal.jpg

 photo Sunshine and Leaves_zpsj70p4qe6.jpg

We took Lupin home to spend quality time with (terrorize) his sister and we raced off to a matinee of Hello Dolly.

 photo Abbey and Lupin_zpsb3jswy8i.jpg

Which you enter through a garden labirynth of blooms and an arched entrance of the brightest flowers you’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of all these colors!

 photo GP War Memorial Garden_zpsf4mxs3xp.jpg

 photo GP War Memorial_zpsbbhtcvur.jpg

Of all the musicals I’ve seen in my life, somehow I’ve never seen Hello Dolly before.

I sincerely hope you get the chance to see it at some point so I won’t say too much and ruin the surprise – I’ll just leave you with my favorite line:

“And what do you do for a living, Mrs. Levi?”

“Some people paint, some sew… I meddle.”

After the final bow, we rushed home, grabbed the wolf in one hand and pans of mashed potatoes in the other and headed over for a big pot-luck Mother’s Day dinner.

 photo Family Dinner_zps7kg9aewb.jpg

 photo Lupin Little Wolf_zpswtof06ua.jpg

In a room stuffed with family we got to eat, drink, celebrate our mothers and the mother who started it all.

 photo Keke Mothers Day_zpsapd0eose.jpg

 photo Mom WW_zpsnixjd3eu.jpg

Of course things took a turn after the second round of drinks when we threw our best behavior out the window and let our true selves shine.

 photo Cousins Laughing_zpsssns6hcc.jpg

Add whipped cream to the mix and it’s complete mayhem.

 photo Whipped Cream Overload_zps8kumufta.jpg

If you’re ever in Michigan, you’re more than welcome to a family dinner.

We believe whipped cream is one of the core food groups of life and have our own ideas of what the proper dessert:whipped cream ratio is.

It’s fantastic.

 photo Chocolate Pie_zpsnqqai1qo.jpg

In the end, it was a low-key day spent with good food, laughter and all my favorite people. I couldn’t have been happier.

How was your Mother’s Day? Any good traditions to share that I can maybe add to our next family holiday?

Come Join The Family

You know in a good rom-com there are big, weekly family dinners?

You have the funny uncle, intelligent grandpa, sarcastic teenage cousin, etc. Well, that’s my family. Very stereotypical but there’s never a boring minute when we’re together.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I love Sundays. Waking up and relaxing with a book and big mug of coffee, not needing to rush.

Then at night, it’s time for family dinner. I look forward to it all week and I figured it was time I invite you along to be part of the family for a night.

 photo IMG_8164_zpsndlyanfx.jpg

 photo IMG_8165_zpsxqrbwlbz.jpg

 photo IMG_8154_zpsdli7vvf1.jpg

 photo IMG_8158_zpsqnffbjc2.jpg

 photo IMG_8163_zps6udf5owv.jpg

 photo IMG_8155_zpshx3ah60s.jpg

Even I need to check my own recipes sometimes.

 photo IMG_8167_zps4nbdx6of.jpg

When everything is chopped, arranged and cooking in the oven – it’s time to sit around and chat . . .
 photo IMG_8171_zpsumb3ydiv.jpg

And make long-hair into facial hair.

What? Your family doesn’t do that?

 photo IMG_8186_zpsfcr32rny.jpg

 photo IMG_8187_zpsqky3c8it.jpg

 photo IMG_8177_zpsbyqgx24f.jpg

 photo IMG_8181_zpsnwmtx85v.jpg

 photo IMG_8182_zpsjqdpmgfo.jpg

 photo IMG_8183_zps9rmftsdv.jpg

When everyone starts complaining that they’re “so full” and “couldn’t eat another bite”, it’s time to pull out dessert.

Belts will immediately be loosened and you’ll hear a chorus of “well, maybe just a small piece . . .”.

 photo IMG_8189_zps3kvkvh0p.jpg

 photo IMG_8191_zpscnajwwf2.jpg

 photo IMG_8194_zps4d6a0ewi.jpg

 photo IMG_8202_zpswad5m3d7.jpg

The sun has now set and everyone has gone home.

I’m currently staring at a mountain of dishes (and I’ve already washed half) drinking a big cup of tea to counter the effects of one too many glasses of wine.

Just kidding. There really isn’t such a thing as one too many glasses of wine.

 photo IMG_8209_zpsy8gzvf6l.jpg

 photo IMG_8219_zpsn7mgrqpc.jpg

There really is nothing better than a meal shared with all your favorites.

Do you have family dinners too or some other tradition you look forward to?


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are my two favorite days. I look forward to them all year and somehow they never seem to disappoint. I love the decorations, wrapped gifts, music and the excuse to eat anything and everything. The lights shine brighter, food tastes better and everyone seems to laugh louder.





After a few last minute tidings on Christmas Eve, I had a few of my favorites over for brunch.





Stuffed with cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, I shooed everyone out of the house to get started on Christmas baking.


^ My little secret.



Hours later, officially covered in chocolate and flour, it was time to tidy and dapper up and head out to dinner.







Stuffed full of pasta and wine, we headed home, put on our party pants and exchanged gifts.


It’s safe to say, Lupin thoroughly enjoyed his very first Christmas






After the unanimous feeling of being spoiled, we all headed to bed, waiting for Santa to come.


Come Christmas morning, we were finally fully digested from dinner and started out on round two – cinnamon roll, apple coffee cake.




Stockings were unloaded, cake was eaten and naps were had. Then we got dressed up again and headed over for round three – dinner and presents with the entire family.









With full bellies and happy hearts, we all crawled home into bed, planning to sleep until the new year.