Sustainable Yoga Fashion: Yoga Democracy

It seems like every time I go on a social media platform, everyone is talking about one topic: sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is one of the worst industries in the world, so the popularity of clothing that is manufactured to make less of an impact on the environment, reduces carbon footprints and emphasizes ethical working conditions is the greatest fashion trend, in my opinion.

Here’s the problem. Sustainable fashion is typically expensive. I’m completely behind the concept of buying less and smart but $100 for a plain T-shirt? No thanks. It’s well and great for celebrities with endless checkbooks to promote expensive sustainable fashion but what about us on a budget who still want to shop ethically? It can’t be impossible, right?

I began doing some research and found, overshadowed by the big, well known sustainable brands, there are quite a few companies who make economically friendly, ethically responsible products. You just have to do a little digging to find them. Or you can take the easy way out and just keep checking back on my blog where I’ll be sharing my finds with you!

When I began looking into economically friendly, sustainable fashion, I began getting served ads for a company called Yoga Democracy. A company that makes, surprise, yoga clothing with the tagline, “made by free range humans”.

I went to the website and saw they had a “Goddess Collection”. What’s that you ask? Leggings inspired by inspiration women. I know, it’s like they were made just for me.

What inspiration woman did I get?

 photo DSC04503_zpstrikyezb.jpg

Frida! One of my favorite artists and a truly kick-ass woman.

The leggings are a piece of art in and of themselves. They’re light-weight, sweat-wicking, elastic free and not see-through when you bend over.

 photo DSC04517_zpspstlxj7g.jpg

Even more importantly, they’re eco-friendly: almost all products are produced in house, 95% of products are produced using recycled fibers, they aim for low water impact and maintain a low carbon impact.

Yoga Democracy is committed to paying fair wages and keeping prices reasonable. My leggings were $70 which is much less than I’ve paid for some of my mass manufactured, name brand leggings.

My only complaint is mine are a bit loose in the waist but, in fairness, I selected my size based on a friend’s recommendation of how her’s fit (and they have a good exchange policy if you get the wrong size). I have to pull mine up a few times during class but I’ve heard they’re perfect for hot yoga.

Apart from that, they’re extremely comfortable and are so freeing as you move through all your poses.

 photo DSC04512_zpsoykaurkk.jpg

 photo DSC04499_zpsrfog0rqq.jpg

 photo DSC04496_zpssrj4hn1w.jpg

 photo DSC04505_zpsspn0qbji.jpg

 photo DSC04513_zpszmtp5pdh.jpg

 photo DSC04528_zpsurcua5oe.jpg

Would I recommend Yoga Democracy? Yes – just make sure you get the right fit. Even though mine are a bit big, I wear them almost every weekend whether it’s to morning yoga classes, walking the dog, running errands or lounging around.

Plus, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a workout outfit in my life!

All Yoga Democracy’s leggings are gorgeous and, as if their ethical principles weren’t enough, who wouldn’t want to wear a gorgeous piece of art on their clothing?

Winter Wool Coat Guide

I had absolutely nothing to blog about today. From being snowed in this weekend and then feeling rather under the weather this week, I had nothing for you.

But THEN I stumbled across a few pictures I had uploaded after hearing quite a few requests for my leopard coat.

 photo DSC03471_zpscveq2eij.jpg

Now, I hate to be the one to break it to you but my coat is quite old and they don’t sell this particular one any more.

It’s one of a few Ann Taylor jackets I have and I can tell you those babies last forever! If you’re in the need for a good wool coat, check out their current collection here.

I do feel bad though that I can’t link to my coat, so I did a little online window shopping for you. Here are some of my favorites:

If you like pattern coats, check out this one and this one.

A classic look: here, here, and here.

For a pop of color on a grey winter day: try this or this.

If you like to cozy up with fur: here and here.

Or if you really want to treat yourself, give this one a peek. Is that not unbelievably gorgeous!

There really is nothing better in the winter than a great coat. It’s well worth the investment and the best excuse to treat-yo-self!

 photo DSC03470_zpsvyl7x6jl.jpg

Grab a holiday bag

 photo DSC03461_zpsu7fifsob.jpg

Throw on your power shoes (similar – I have these in bordeaux) and you’re ready to tackle anything the holidays throw your way!

 photo DSC03469_zpsh56ietbf.jpg

Tell me, which one of those jackets is your favorite or did you find one even better that I missed? Looking through all those, I can tell you Nordstrom is positively killing it in the wool coat department this year!

Tips For Professional Travel Style

Traveling for work can be a lot of fun. However, I think one of the most stressful parts of it is packing.

Professional wardrobes tend to wrinkle easily. I mean, you look at them and they wrinkle and if your company only allows you to bring a carry on, well you’re pretty SOL at this point.

Through quite a bit of trial and error, I’ve finally managed to find the perfect work, travel outfit. Something wrinkle free, professional and takes up minimal space.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 5_zps0fw5qhh7.jpg

My first tip: go for neutrals. This way you don’t have to worry about putting together a matching outfit and you can reuse the staples with other other, more casual outfits throughout your trip.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 10_zpsjtmve5iz.jpg

For wrinkle free shirts, go for cotton. I think there’s a stigma that cotton isn’t professional but it is. Trust me. Go for a tailored, well fitting shirt and no one will care what the material is.

Also, invest in a pair of ankle pants. Don’t ask why, just do it.

I stayed away from them for a few years thinking I couldn’t pull them off because I’m short which was a big mistake. If you find a nice pair, they look good on any shape or size and are great with heels or flats.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 4_zpshnp9klsr.jpg

When it comes to travel though, skip the heels and pack a pair of flats. They take up less room and whether you’ll be standing or sitting in a conference room, your feet will thank you (especially if they’re still swollen from flying).

I’ve found that more and more women are wearing flats rather than heels in the work place so don’t worry about people thinking it’s an unprofessional look.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 2_zps2n3vpent.jpg

For jewelry, stick with simple staples.

Skip the costume jewelry and a makeup case full of options.

Bring simple, classic pieces that can be worn dressed up or down and that you can wear on the plane without setting off the machines at TSA.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 7_zps255fjvgu.jpg

 photo Travel Work Fashion 9_zpsommko5og.jpg

This outfit took maybe a quarter of the main section of my carry on and I spent a total of 5 minutes getting ready in the morning.

 photo Travel Work Fashion 6_zpsee7ghqkv.jpg

When you travel for work, you serve as a representative for your company so you don’t want to roll into a meeting as a wrinkled mess, hobbling around in your heels with your swollen feet.

 photo 036F8412-674A-4F88-8F92-DAD89D0C0979_zps6jiwr6hy.jpg

You want to look classic and put together. No one needs to know how unstressful putting your outfit together was. It will be our little secret, PLL style.

If you’re interested here’s what (or similar to) what I’m wearing:


Blazer (similar and the most gorgeous color – I think I need to get this one)


Top (similar)

A New Look

First things first. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know this but . . . I cut my hair!

I went in and said, “I’m sick of this, I’m hot and I don’t want to worry about it.”

She cut it initially at my shoulders. I told her I wanted it shorter. She cut half an inch off. I told her to do what she thought would look best and she did not disappoint.

 photo 5FC608B1-ECE1-4D33-B5CE-9DC16C7ECB72_zps6joanhqu.jpg

What do you think?

 photo C5694999-4117-4671-827B-FE832103E327_zpsiezs7xn6.jpg

To be totally honest with you, I always feel my most sassy and confident with short hair.

You know what else makes me feel confident? A good outfit.

I found this dress a few months back at Ann Taylor (you can find it here) and fell in love.  Typically, I’m a black dress girl but the lilac color was too beautiful to pass up.

Extremely faltering and light weight, it’s the perfect summer dress.

 photo 9BC909ED-E2E0-44C0-ADAC-4E40F0320AC0_zpsr9oejklx.jpg

 photo 0F0A6290-78AD-46F2-A81D-E8118F035ECC_zpslv1stveu.jpg

And no outfit is complete without killer shoes.

I had been eyeing these beauties from Aldo (here) for months and finally purchased them at the start of June and have to remind myself every morning that I have other shoes that need love too.

Beyond comfortable, you can wear them with pants or dresses and are light and open which is perfect for these humid summer days.

 photo 4883E713-E318-445F-88F7-5D207B83CCCA_zpsywpstq7v.jpg

And no outfit would be complete without obnoxiously matching your nails.

 photo C2D4207F-82FF-4717-9407-0AD9ED482DE6_zpshgzdz1v0.jpg

Do you have a go-to dress or shoes for summer too? If so, send me the link! It’s payday and I could do with a little online shopping therapy!

The Best Shirt Ever

I’m here today to talk to you about something very serious: my new favorite sweater.

 photo C70013EE-22F0-42C9-B0C1-8EF0285BC679_zpsounudd8w.jpg

I have a mild likely for elephants.

I’m also very low-key about this ‘mild liking’ too. Do I squeal and jump up and down when I see baby elephant videos on Youtube (like this or this)? Nope. Do I have to buy everything I see with an elephant on it? Absolutely not. Do I have an elephant statue on my desk so I can stare at it all day? Don’t be ridiculous.

Paying no attention to what I was wearing, I posted a photo on my Instagram about a week ago of the Wolf and I and everyone told me how much they loved my elephant shirt!

 photo 1CEEFB0F-3F29-42D6-A5AB-4040426D3F63_zps2xkmelik.jpg

So, going on the belief that you all are amazing people who adore (*ahem* I mean mildly like) elephants too, I just had to share this amazing sweater with you!

 photo 7F4C92C7-CF99-4EB1-9107-6E33DF6CB86A_zpsavi0yrsc.jpg

Not only is it lucky (trunks up, people) but it’s the softest and by far the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever owned.

It’s fitted but not tight. Can be dressed up or down. Perfect for the weekend or a day at the office. Honestly, it’s one of the best (and one of my most complimented) pieces I own.

 photo 515AED82-AA86-4DCA-8A95-F82F0BECABC5_zpsft8yznzc.jpg

Today, I have it on with white linen pants (similar) and (wedges). Perfectly summery, comfortable and professional.

 photo 3A2B5AAF-118A-4E3A-ADEA-B92E327C67D3_zpsn0gd4gwq.jpg

 photo 026C6ECB-D689-4B28-B435-A35A09CFAB5C_zps6nyr4ktl.jpg

You can find it here (plus it’s on sale! You have no excuse not to get it now).

I’m warning you now, after you buy this, all your other shirts will become irrelephant.

The Perfect Summer Outfit

So, I’ll be honest with you, I had no intention whatsoever of sharing these pics with you from my utterly lazy but completely satisfying Sunday.

However, I think it’s safe to say I found the absolute best summer outfit and I have to share so please ignore my hastily taken, little phone snaps.

 photo E7A86610-C3B6-4152-85D0-320FE9BD0AC7_zpsm1upzkys.jpg

If you remember from a recent post, I recently did quite a bit of damage at the Loft.

I saw these red linen pants in the window and ran in, declaring they’d be mine. Well, an hour later, I walked out with the pants and a bulging shopping bag ready to take on the summer.

If you’re interested, you can find the pants here and the top here.

Both pieces are made of the lightest material and barely touch your body making them perfect for those warm, sunny days that seem to finally be here to stay.

This past Sunday was one such day and I jumped at the opportunity to try them out.

First up, a good long walk with the pup for coffee . . .

 photo 3C41C393-996F-4D40-8137-4DF7F671CE05_zpsjnadfnyq.jpg

Quickly followed by something stronger.

 photo 06B82EC8-0353-4C7F-8E96-31BEDEB128D5_zpsemphsdn1.jpg

Tell me, what’s better than an island drink in the sun?

Absolutely nothing.

 photo F2299FB2-5679-49C7-A33C-A05A5AE5FEDA_zpsovucr6u6.jpg

 photo A7E498A2-EA34-4F95-8D27-FEB003940F13_zpsppp45qu0.jpg

So tell me, do you have any good summer fashion finds? I’ve been shopping nonstop recently so let me know if there’s something I need to check out!