Life Update

Where has the time gone! My last post was over a month ago, I can’t even believe it.

I can now attest that “March Madness” is not a term exclusive to basketball. Combine that with school and other home responsibilities and that’s what’s been going on. So, within the time since my last post . . .

Flannels have been traded in for chambray shirts.

 photo IMG_1943_zpsvcembtsi.jpg

 photo IMG_2294_zps3i2ai01y.jpg

The books I’ve been reading have been for school and have been awesome!

If you’re interested in history, you should absolute check out Penny Coleman’s book on Rosie the Riveter.

 photo IMG_2064_zpspqcva1zo.jpg

It’s officially blossom time! I ran through a tunnel of bloomed trees the other day and I could not have had a bigger smile on my face.

 photo IMG_2194_zpsontpisri.jpg

Our trees practically bloomed overnight thanks in large part to the massive amount of rain storms that have been rolling in.

 photo IMG_2228_zpsswhcwmnn.jpg

Fantastic for flowers, not so great when your Wolf needs a walk.

 photo FullSizeRender 9_zpsgsxibwzk.jpg

 photo IMG_2258_zpse1fkk4pa.jpg

I really can’t complain though. Just look at them!

 photo IMG_2220_zpsxijkzpko.jpg

 photo IMG_2263_zpshudmny2g.jpg

It’s also time to start eating outside. For me, there’s no better way to pass a summer evening than with a glass of wine in the sun.

 photo IMG_2239_zpsawqw8j7p.jpg

The Wolf is pretty happy about it all too.

 photo IMG_2280_zpskovqexwj.jpg

He loves to wake up and say good morning to his friends through the window.

 photo IMG_2179_zpsnaqsrx2n.jpg

Baseball season is finally here. Baseball, Summer Shandy and pizza, it doesn’t get more summer than that!

 photo IMG_2178_zps333hglux.jpg

That’s about it! February to April is the most hectic and boring time of the year.

Not entirely winter, not yet spring. All anyone wants to do is curl up, wrapped in a blanket and hibernate until the blossoms appear.

May on the other hand is fantastic! It marks the start of early sunrises, late sunsets, summer breezes, long walks, cotton dresses, road trips, fresh fruit. It’s my favorite time of year and it’s right around the corner!

P.S. all photos are from my Instagram. If you haven’t checked it out, you should!

Spring Weekend in February

Now, I don’t want to jinx anything but it has been *whispers* sunny and warm in Michigan for the last week.

In February.

January through March is the worst time of the year but it’s been between 40-60 degrees lately and the sun has been making an appearance, at least for a portion, of most days lately.

If you don’t live in the midwest, you won’t know how it feels waking up day after day to a dull, gray sky, low temps and bitter winds. To say it’s utterly miserable and depressing is a vast understatement.

Not recently though! This weekend it was in the 60s and the sun was constantly out – which worked perfectly for me. I took a much needed personal day and spent as much time outside, wearing sunnies and being unburdened by a heavy coat as I could!

Three days of waking up without an alarm clock to this face with nothing to do but roll out of bed and make breakfast and slowly enjoy a big mug of coffee.

 photo IMG_1458 2_zpskpknlwfn.jpg

 photo IMG_1460 2_zpsp625kfip.jpg

 photo IMG_1462 2_zpswtrg30zp.jpg

Saturday, we played in the yard and the Wolf got a much needed bath.

Is there anything better than a soft, clean pup?

 photo DSC04112_zpsi0omy3so.jpg

 photo DSC04114_zpscsc2etho.jpg

 photo DSC04113_zpsep17b8ml.jpg

Completely exhausted, Lu dried off in the sun while I worked on some work (taking more study breaks than I’ll admit to go cuddle).

 photo DSC04123_zpsvwqpmkui.jpg

Now, you know how much I love my Sunday mornings. Cuddles first and then coffee in bed while reading a good book. I live for mornings like these.

Being able to crack the window and let in some fresh air and hear the birds chirping was just icing on the cake.

 photo IMG_1494 2_zpsvbizyg89.jpg

 photo IMG_1513_zpslhyzy1og.jpg

When we finally rolled out of bed, we harnessed up for a walk in the sun along the lake. Shedding jackets as we went and stopping here and there to point out our dream houses.

 photo IMG_1531 2_zps80ajnklq.jpg

 photo IMG_1538_zpsu2mxyyhv.jpg

 photo IMG_1536_zpsl7aj53c4.jpg

 photo IMG_1540_zps73o3mncw.jpg

 photo IMG_1539_zpshs80ph4l.jpg

 photo IMG_1541_zpsovodlqdy.jpg

The face of pure happiness.

 photo 615678AA-B31A-4A56-BB32-E558A1EEBBC8_zps4o8nk5rs.jpg

Completely exhausted, we came home. Lu to nap and me to get ready for this week’s midterms.

Studying isn’t half as bad when you can do it next to a window with the sun streaming in across your face.

 photo DSC04159_zps7rrzuado.jpg

 photo DSC04160_zpsjrk19xh8.jpg

As much as I love sweater weather, this weekend gave me a taste for the summer and it cannot come soon enough!

Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari

My favorite part of the day is the morning. I wake up early, make breakfast and settle in at the table, reading, eating and enjoying a big mug of coffee. Everything’s quiet, the house is still and whatever craziness is in store for the day hasn’t happened yet.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari 4_zpsydhgsyjg.jpg

The past few weeks have been crazy so last week, I picked up Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance thinking I could use a little humor to start my days. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a huge Parks and Rec fan. I think Aziz is hysterical in the show and I couldn’t wait to read his book.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari 3_zpsmsb3vytf.jpg

I’ll admit, I didn’t read anything about the book before I bought it so you can imagine my surprise when I started reading it and quickly found out it was not a comedy book or hysterical memoir. It’s a sociological look at romance in the 21st century.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari_zpscbix35ey.jpg

Aziz teamed up with a sociologist from NYU and interviewed people from all over the world about their romantic lives and takes a look at statistical information from online dating sites and apps.

He talks about everything from the changes in dating from our grandparent’s generation where geographical proximity was key to today when dating apps open up the world to us to find our soulmates.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari 5_zpsadtvukpy.jpg

He goes in depth about texting conversations, the history of online dating, what people look for in profiles and how picky we are and quick to judge others by the limited of information we initially share.

The most interesting chapter, I thought, was when he interviews people in other countries. The differences in dating in the U.S., Japan, Paris and Argentina are extreme.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari 6_zpsmzqz4wb6.jpg

While it’s not the laugh until your belly hurts book I thought I was getting (don’t get me wrong, there are definitely funny parts – come on, it’s Aziz Ansari, you know there had to be) I still really enjoyed the book.

 photo Modern Romance Aziz Ansari 2_zps9ehnnbp4.jpg

I thought it was completely fascinating and well worth a read.

Tell me, have you read it? What did you think?

Life Update – The Little Things

I read a blog post this week that was short, sweet and simple: a life update. A post about what’s going on, what you’re thinking about, what you’re liking and so on.

I love that idea. I don’t know about you but I find myself going back frequently to old blog posts from a year ago. It’s funny how much life can change in a year and I love the reminder of where I was then (whether it was good or bad).

My posts tend to look at the big things going on (new recipes tried (yes, that is a big thing), travel, visiting friends, family, new places, wandering) but not so much the little things. So, it’s early February 2017 and here are the little things in my life.

My daily mantra (no, I’m not just saying that. It really is the saying that gets me through most days) and tea. Lots and lots of tea. Black tea during the day and detox or, my new favorite, Moroccan mint at night.

 photo FEAC9FFC-2DA7-44D4-9005-997424EA8D08_zpsiifxa1zx.jpg

School. A lot of reading. A lot of late nights. A lot of caffeine. Worth all of it.

 photo 3EB6B637-8DB5-4517-95AB-8E382269DBFF_zpsgzxiycsm.jpg

Winter indulgent snack: popcorn. Skinny Pop to be exact. Tell me, what’s better than a bowl of popcorn as you curl up on the couch with the wind howling and the snow falling outside?

 photo A2256178-E67E-4B93-ACF5-C97307876B52_zps8695txvv.jpg

Currently reading Modern Romance (a post on this coming shortly), Fordlandia and Once in a Great City.

I recommend all of them. Fordlandia is about Henry Ford’s acquisition of land in the Amazon and what a huge failure the venture was.

Once in a Great City covers the very prime of Detroit right before it’s downfall. Motown, the Mustang, the Olympic Bid, organized crime, corruption, urban renewal. It’s an easy read and so fascinating!

 photo 878107F2-B5B6-41AB-B23C-D89DBE5492A4_zpsotanzddf.jpg

Also reading Prince Valiant every week. The best comic around, hands down.

 photo 1C8649DD-0D40-4258-981F-9B4CCE5B5492_zpsa2jharev.jpg

 photo B5EA94ED-669A-4A06-9BE7-8CF0801B196A_zpsdzts9jv7.jpg

Loving late night puppy cuddles. I mean, come on. Look at that face. Who wouldn’t love that?

 photo 27FE5EE1-3F2A-4197-8EBB-4FEB4A4090AB_zpsjujk202t.jpg

Little things like good lipstick (MAC Candy Cane Lane and Are You Flirting With Me which I’m wearing in that first photo)

 photo 1EAB628D-8D0D-4263-85D0-DE507F0F619F_zpsccphb6ud.jpeg

My new iPad and marble case.

 photo 1B042DFB-9865-4441-9CC1-42F1AF0F52A5_zps0czsvprh.jpg

Elephants. Nothing new here but any excuse to talk about them, I’ll take!

 photo 10DFD08A-02A7-442A-8C60-EE5B4A0B3F71_zps76e001m2.jpg

Mahogany Coconut candle and shea butter hand cream. The stuff of every midwest winter dream.

 photo 67CFAD55-2C6B-4058-817F-64A896B3751E_zpsiks72p0r.jpg

Looking forward to Galentines Day! The best holiday of the year!

 photo 3E01750C-90D3-4196-B733-628DD210835F_zps9gw4bdbp.png

What’s inspiring me:

Videos from this year’s and last year’s Makers Conference.

Incredible discussions on Our Shared Shelf. A great place to have respectful conversations about books, feminism and society.

The Crown. I know there’s controversy about the show but I love it and Claire Foy is fabulous!

Sheryl Sandberg recognizing the importance of work life balance and the importance of family. Just when you think she can’t get any cooler, she proves you wrong.

Mari Copeny because what’s more inspiring than a young girl standing up for her rights.

I’ve found that when life gets to be overwhelming, it’s important to focus on the good, little things. A warm mug of coffee in the morning, a long walk, an absorbing book. So, these are mine currently. The little things that make life good right now.

I’d love to hear what yours are! What keeps you going on a bad day?


Sunday Snaps

You know those weeks when everything that could go wrong does and it gets to the point where even when you go to bed you dream about all the chaos going on? That was last week.

By the time Sunday rolled around, we tossed around ideas of what to do with no enthusiasm or effort. Movies? No. Shopping? No. Downtown? No. Staying in bed half the day only to roll out to eat popcorn and finally get a start on the Gilmore Girls revival? Yes!

It’s funny, in college there was nothing more I hated than a weekend where I just sat around. I was always trying to find something to do or somewhere to go.

Now that I’m busier than I’ve ever been or maybe I’m just old but I can’t think of a better way to end a crazy week than lounging around with your favorite person, pushing responsibility aside and just enjoying the little things.

 photo B4C3C492-BC92-41C9-98DF-AC74C967AEEE_zpsqmnxy0yx.jpg

A morning of puppy cuddles and enjoying the snow outside and the flowers inside.

 photo 7829A5B6-1738-4081-BD4F-114E256EBD12_zpstk7tl1qn.jpg

 photo A2BB40B9-5FA0-4FB3-8F78-EA309FCD73FC_zpsffobzcdf.jpg

In the afternoon, pajamas were replaced with a mens sweater and slippers. The book replaced with Netflix. Popcorn was added as was more puppy cuddles.

 photo A2256178-E67E-4B93-ACF5-C97307876B52_zps8695txvv.jpg

 photo 4549BBDC-6B4F-4248-8319-9D45BC8263E3_zpsdaoy5l4r.jpg

 photo EB2754E7-2C83-4B72-824C-625E6801C115_zpsxw0zzggz.jpg

 photo A8E9E265-54B8-49DD-A558-A6BB32CDBA1C_zpsuuv7deic.jpg

Does your dog sleep like this too? It honestly can’t be comfortable!

 photo E5965886-FA83-4733-80CD-E055A93EDD4F_zps77sogkwl.jpg

We only had time for the first episode of the Gilmore Revival so no spoilers!

As the sun set, I got a little baking in (and more Netflix, let’s be honest).

 photo 6524A066-B068-4FF7-AB84-A5012BC1F6D6_zpsqdgpfdmd.jpg

 photo D30FB33B-06B4-40D3-A0D8-B9CABE5340B9_zpswsq9dds4.jpg

And, feeling recharged, hit the books until Lupin started tugging at my sleeve to go to bed.

 photo 3EB6B637-8DB5-4517-95AB-8E382269DBFF_zpsgzxiycsm.jpg

 photo 27FE5EE1-3F2A-4197-8EBB-4FEB4A4090AB_zpsjujk202t.jpg

 photo D30332F3-E711-4449-B891-D267D72EDDAA_zpsoxojxmdu.jpg

Only to find my new tulip fully in bloom. Nothing beats the winter blues quite like vibrant flowers!

 photo 3CE6988A-207E-43CE-B234-1C63B43CC4DD_zpsifnwklv4.jpg

 photo B86DC4B2-DC85-4AAB-808B-2346185E4851_zpsub3mo9ca.jpg

While it was no grand adventure, it was a great day and I had to share just a few snaps. Isn’t it nice to take a day to just slow down and enjoy the little things in life?


After having nothing but issues with PhotoBucket this morning, I decided to do a quick lazy life update than go another day without posting. Life has been . . . hectic!

I’ve traveled 2 places since Christmas – both of which were incredible!

Ready for the next adventure ✈️

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California is always a good idea (those mountains!) and New Orleans is a city like no other.

You can read my California posts here here here here and here and my New Orleans posts here here here and here

California strollin'

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Back to New Orleans on

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As much as I love traveling, it’s exhausting! Especially when you have delayed flights and red eye flights.

This means my weekends here have been quite lazy.


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Plenty of time hanging with the pup and trying to stay healthy (doesn’t it seem like just everyone is getting sick this winter?).

"Let's go back to bed"

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Thoroughly enjoying the last day of vacation

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Health of the mind and the body. Both equally important in my opinion! Nothing is better for stress than a good yoga session, sweaty run or escape into someone else’s life.

Time to work off those beignets 💪🏼

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Plus a getting your sweat on allows you to be guilt free when enjoying the finer things in life.

Like this:

Bellinis make everything better

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Or this:

Still dreaming about last night's tiramisu 😍

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Currently I’m reading A Man Called Ove and just love it! I’ll post thoughts on it when I’m done.

Easy like Sunday morning

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I’m back in school too which is taking up a ton of time. I can’t say I ever knew what busy was until balancing working full time and going to school at night but let me tell you something, I love it!

First day of school photo. Never thought I'd be doing that again!

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In any extra spare time I have, you’ll more than likely find me sharing a jar of peanut butter with the wolf (who is loving the snow, by the way).

Peanut butter

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February I’ll be grounded and, hopefully, will work on one of my New Years resolutions of exploring more of my own backyard. I’d love a winter bucket list to go through though.

It’s so easy to fall into a a pattern of just spending your weekends on the couch, not putting on real pants. I need motivation to get out and do stuff. Any suggestions?

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Can you believe today is the last day of 2016? This has been simultaneously the longest and fastest year I’ve had yet.

Part of me is extremely happy to say goodbye to 2016 and the other part of me doesn’t want to let it go. I’m trying to focus on the former.

I do always look forward to a new year. An excuse for a clean slate.

I’m not a big fan of resolutions but I am of goals.

For 2017 mine are:

Read more feminist literature

I’m a big believer that the best way to fight ignorance is with knowledge. It’s important to read as much as you can, not to blindly accept others opinion but to hear the arguments and use your knowledge to form your own opinion.

When you think about it, nothing kills an ignorant argument quite like a well researched, thought-out, educated counter argument.

I’ll be documenting what I read on Good Reads. 

I'm FINALLY on Good Reads! Have any good book recommendations?

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Spend more time in downtown Detroit

If you haven’t heard about all the wonderful things happening in Detroit, you should really look into it. Between shops, restaurants, bars, stadiums and the Q-Line, Detroit is the place to be.

If you don’t live in Michigan and you’re looking for a great trip this spring, think about Detroit!

Good morning from Detroit ✌🏼️

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Travel to visit my favorites

I’m lucky enough to have some pretty incredible people in my life. Unluckily, they’re spread all across the world.

2016 was a busy year and I didn’t have much chance to travel and see them. 2017 will change that.

"We're all stories in the end. . . "

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Tell me, do you believe in New Years resolutions? Goals? What are yours for 2017?

A very happy new year to all you out there reading this! I have big hopes for 2017 for all of us! I think it will be the best year yet, for all of us!

Winter Wool Coat Guide

I had absolutely nothing to blog about today. From being snowed in this weekend and then feeling rather under the weather this week, I had nothing for you.

But THEN I stumbled across a few pictures I had uploaded after hearing quite a few requests for my leopard coat.

 photo DSC03471_zpscveq2eij.jpg

Now, I hate to be the one to break it to you but my coat is quite old and they don’t sell this particular one any more.

It’s one of a few Ann Taylor jackets I have and I can tell you those babies last forever! If you’re in the need for a good wool coat, check out their current collection here.

I do feel bad though that I can’t link to my coat, so I did a little online window shopping for you. Here are some of my favorites:

If you like pattern coats, check out this one and this one.

A classic look: here, here, and here.

For a pop of color on a grey winter day: try this or this.

If you like to cozy up with fur: here and here.

Or if you really want to treat yourself, give this one a peek. Is that not unbelievably gorgeous!

There really is nothing better in the winter than a great coat. It’s well worth the investment and the best excuse to treat-yo-self!

 photo DSC03470_zpsvyl7x6jl.jpg

Grab a holiday bag

 photo DSC03461_zpsu7fifsob.jpg

Throw on your power shoes (similar – I have these in bordeaux) and you’re ready to tackle anything the holidays throw your way!

 photo DSC03469_zpsh56ietbf.jpg

Tell me, which one of those jackets is your favorite or did you find one even better that I missed? Looking through all those, I can tell you Nordstrom is positively killing it in the wool coat department this year!

Not So Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that a week after getting our family Christmas tree, I finally decorated it. Well, sort of.

 photo Christmas Tree 10_zpsumrwxscp.jpg

My parents are hosting Christmas this year and my dad figured the best way for spreading Christmas cheer was not to sing loud for all to hear but to buy a Christmas tree that just about touches the top of our cathedral ceiling.

A 12 foot Christmas tree seems like a good idea, until you have to maneuver it into your house and then tackle the task of making sure it’s perfectly straight.

After finally wresting it into place, no one was in any hurry to go near it again to decorate. So, this weekend, when everyone was working, I figured I’d play Christmas elf and decorate it.

 photo Christmas Tree_zpsbpnxluay.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 3_zpspvout2fs.jpg

Under strict supervision, of course.

 photo Christmas Tree 2_zpsnzjarwaa.jpg

I finally got to unwrap all my packages from Bronner’s and made sure all my favorites were displayed right in front for everyone to admire.

 photo Christmas Tree 5_zpsa9rm3ehz.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 9_zpszfd6q6kh.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 8_zpsmremzmml.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 7_zpsfk4kppkx.jpg

 photo Christmas Tree 4_zpsst0apabi.jpg

Everything was going well and good (apart from the huge amount of sap that got tangled in my hair, that I’m still having a hard time getting out. Any suggestions?) until I realized the hard way that, even on a stepstool, I can’t make myself 12 feet tall.

 photo Christmas Tree 11_zpsqkh02dgj.jpg

So, there’s our Christmas tree. Needless to say it was a good laugh and someone much taller than me finally stepped in to finish it a few days later.

Anyone else ever have this problem? How does your tree look this year?