Bittersweet at the Detroit Institute of Art

This weekend I was invited to a meet up at the Detroit Institute of Arts (you may remember it from this post) to view the Bittersweet: Coffee, Tea & Chocolate exhibit.

Can you think of anything more appealing?

 photo 80DAC5CE-57CD-4A0A-B0F8-EFA57161D655_zpsxbkljfwo.jpg

The exhibit is full of the most intricate and detailed tea and coffee pots and cups you’ve ever seen. Honestly, can you imagine having tea at a friends and she pull this out to pour you a strong cuppa?

 photo CA051611-0102-4F82-988C-5A2DE97BDA77_zpsnbxynfpr.jpg

 photo 7397D76F-85FC-4EF4-B720-D5D47A614A1B_zps42on1xlt.jpg

“From social revolutions that changed the way we drink our morning blends, to design revolutions that changed the objects that we drink from, step back in time to when gathering over a cup of your favorite hot beverage caused a stir that upended the world.

Bittersweet: Coffee, Tea & Chocolate is the first exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts to engage all five sense. In addition to seeing art, you can touch, hear, smell and even taste coffee- and tea-related beverages.”

 photo 5757D222-B95B-4E8B-9E2A-F4CE43815AC4_zps9kzlwpem.jpg

 photo 4B827FA6-C613-4AF8-AD20-8C953CA62873_zpsatccbdoo.jpg

The worst part of the exhibit of realizing that it’s considered rude to drink spilled tea. Who knew?

 photo CF8245CE-6826-413E-AC9F-97BFF4E1BE2B_zpscdngketl.jpg

We were heard that this was a sensory exhibit, where you got to sample different coffee and tea but were a little disappointed when we made our way through the exhibit, looking at coffee pot after coffee pot and at the end were offered just 2 shots of coffee.

One an Aztec recipe and one a French – both had a number of spices in them which gave it a strong kick, sure to jumpstart your day.


 photo CBC4ABBF-1D9D-44BB-B02B-AFAAEBA8B5F4_zpsvlgug0mf.jpg

The exhibit was beautiful and while a little disappointing on the tasting end, it is worth a visit for this gem alone:

 photo C4678187-92DC-4B75-961D-2713029DA4C2_zps5ffxdngi.jpg

No wonder she’s close mouth smiling (I use that term loosely).

While there, it’s a perfect excuse to wander around the museum.

It’s one of my favorite in the world. Every time I visit I notice something different and revisiting my favorites is like seeing an old friend.

 photo F73C921B-FAA3-4EE1-9AD3-3054BF4415BE_zpsbosizyfv.jpg

This is the first time I visited the courtyard since watching Frida and I may have geeked out a little.

No matter how you feel about Diego Rivera, there’s no denying how incredible his work is.

 photo 92CF0568-BC89-4EAD-9450-BEF41ABCB6DE_zpsham1xa2g.jpg

 photo D3406C9B-24E5-497E-9476-A7044A4A49D3_zpsbaefg9ho.jpg

 photo AA39FD90-22F9-4B2C-BBEB-8A6EE78872CC_zpskhzj4i4k.jpg

 photo EF2794A8-E8F1-45EF-A421-A1149357D479_zpsmpck90mk.jpg

 photo 94E4B024-6966-4E1C-AE9E-D2F1BC78C821_zpsafqnkmaf.jpg

 photo CF5EC2AF-7102-4273-86CC-8DDDD72FC695_zps1omwp783.jpg

 photo 1EB45A51-A73D-44EC-8588-A9BE9788D90E_zpstfsp2yfy.jpg

Right now, there’s an incredible installation by New York street artist Caledonia Curry, known as Swoon.

It’s a 400 lb, 20 ft tall installation titled Thalassa located in the museum lobby.

It’s beautiful and haunting. You could stand there and stare at it for hours. The colors are vibrant and even when you look away, you find your gaze turning right back.

 photo 22132DE1-1E26-4FF2-B6B8-7D49E581BC1A_zpsakbjxohq.jpg

 photo C76132D2-68BE-4D8E-899D-E458E6B7DBE5_zpsgs9lcz5l.jpg

I can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly Sunday than wandering around a museum.

A great way to remind yourself of all the beauty in the world.

Christmas with the Fords

You know by now that when the holidays roll around, different baking flavors is one of my absolute favorite things. What’s my other favorite, you ask? Twinkle lights.

I don’t know what it is about little glimmering lights but I absolutely love them! The more the better. In my last apartment, I kept them up all year.

Lupin loves Christmas too because he gets even more walks than normal because I have to see every holiday decoration that my neighborhood has on display.

You can imagine my excitement then when I found out the Ford House (yes, those Fords) decorated the grounds and mansion for the season and opened the gates to the public.

 photo Ford House Christmas 3_zpssrvmjp6f.jpg

If you remember, last year I went to Zoo Lights. Every inch of the zoo was covered in lights, the paths were full to bursting with laughing children and music bared out of every speaker.

The Ford House (which you may remember from this post) was different. More subtle and elegant and less crowded.

Only select trees lining the path were decorated, making them pop even more against the pitch black background.

Fire pits were scattered here and there, mini trees were decorated by local schools hoping to win an art scholarship and classical christmas songs played softly over the speakers scattered throughout.

 photo Ford House Christmas 11_zpscmrx4q2q.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas_zpscratqsfc.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 2_zpshsismkur.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 4_zps5kjb00ya.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 7_zpsooof9o9y.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 5_zpspbyvuav5.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 6_zps82uoxeau.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 14_zpszxcsmlqu.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 13_zpsza448eyj.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 10_zpsor5dgusf.jpg

All with the backdrop of the mansion decorated and positively glowing in the background.

 photo Ford House Christmas 8_zpsz3wh0urq.jpg

While the mansion is beautiful, I was completely besotted by security’s cottage. The perfect size home for one . . . and complete with Santa’s workshop.

 photo Ford House Christmas 16_zpsxdub9cff.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 17_zpsbvqwr85d.jpg

Even these Scrooges couldn’t resist getting in the spirit.

 photo Ford House Christmas 15_zpsexioo8ly.jpg

Did I mention there was a movie room with enough room for all your friends.

 photo Ford House Christmas 18_zpsex96zpwm.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 19_zpskoa0p5cn.jpg

All nestled behind massive gates to keep nosy neighbors out.

 photo Ford House Christmas 20_zpsryz9g033.jpg

The chauffeur’s cottage wasn’t too shabby either . . .

 photo Ford House Christmas 21_zpsgazdxior.jpg

 photo Ford House Christmas 22_zpswiknbutc.jpg

Not to mention there were some very famous VIP guests visiting . . .

 photo Ford House Christmas 23_zpsy9xkujnu.jpg

Have you been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year? I can’t even believe we only have two more weekends until Christmas Eve!

Well, if you are like me, twinkle lights help. Most major cities do some sort of winter wonderland and, much like Paris, it’s always a good idea!

The Nutcracker, Detroit Opera House

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! That long weekend was much needed but it just makes Mondays even more brutal when they finally roll around!

I have plenty of photos from the holiday but I couldn’t wait to share my favorite part of the weekend. After 3 days of decorating and cooking in pajamas, yesterday, I threw on some real pants and heels, grabbed my ‘mini me’ and went to the Nutcracker.

I haven’t seen the Nutcracker or been to the Detroit Opera House since I was a little girl. So, when I saw that the Nutcracker would be at the Opera House for a few days after Thanksgiving, I feverishly jumped on the website and bought tickets.

 photo F26AB427-34CE-485B-A10D-C0743E52D319_zpshtoui27d.jpg

What was even more exciting, was the VIPs outside the theater.

I tried to play it cool. Casual. Like this happens every day.

It didn’t work. I was utterly starstruck.

At least I tried, right?

 photo CBB26B57-AB54-4DAF-8B71-6B17210A3E21_zpslmafbzqo.jpg

 photo A3160DEF-586A-497B-A765-1A2F94B20A7C_zpsizmwkeqi.jpg

I only have a few little iPhone pictures of the theater, I’ll be going back a few more times this year and will give you a tour then but I just had to show you the decorations.

No detail was left out. Garland encircling every balcony. A choir singing carols to welcome you. Massive Christmas trees throughout. Nutcrackers of all colors and sizes stationed throughout – from resting on the fireplace mantle to life sized for kids to take photos with.

 photo F26AB427-34CE-485B-A10D-C0743E52D319_zpshtoui27d.jpg

 photo A350B0CD-EAEC-45D6-9F7A-2737223529BE_zpspfoqzdzm.jpg

Baubles, ribbons and red velvet everywhere you look.

 photo D52C24BF-1936-489E-967B-DB8385F0D81B_zpsv1936rcf.jpg

 photo 73AFB86A-74A8-4359-89AC-A67C7C7978D4_zpsstt1ssje.jpg

 photo 193C09C4-600F-447C-863A-3457031CE869_zpseihq4jur.jpg

 photo 94B1EC37-22D0-43EC-BE31-1A88FD4354E0_zps5ph1nd4n.jpg

Even the main chandelier had red and green lights.

 photo 71962784-0667-429F-87A6-6707BF85B756_zps6vbvnetn.jpg

The show was unbelievable. The dancers make everything look so effortless and lead you through a complete story without saying a word.

The most incredible part is how half the cast is made up of children. They are absolutely bursting with talent!

If you’ve never seen the Nutcracker, the ballet tells to story of a young girl and her Nutcracker who turns into a prince on Christmas Eve and they travel together to his Land of Sweets.

The ballet based off the 1816 story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by ETA Hoffman and is set to a score composed by Tchaikovsky. The ballet premiered in 1892 and was not well received. It wasn’t until the New York City Ballet’s new production in 1954 that it became the success it is today.

If you have the chance to see the Nutcracker, you absolutely must. I can think of no better way to start the holiday season.

I’ll be sure to bring a camera to give you a proper tour of the Opera House when I return in a few months to listen to the Music of the Night . . .

 photo DFBCC7FA-6999-41A8-B5C3-D9FDE59CED6C_zpsaolyu4he.jpg

Autumn Hike – Stony Creek, MI

I love October. It’s my favorite month of the year.

It marks the start of fall, the best of the seasons, and the start of the holiday season.

I can’t believe today is the last day of the month – I feel like I’ve completely missed it what with all my traveling the past few weeks.

Friday marked the last day of my traveling and I never thought I’d be so happy to be home!

Now, I have until Thanksgiving to do all my favorite fall things and started right when I got home with good and proper fall tradition: a hike through bright, changing trees.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 27_zpsgathrzdq.jpg

Stony Creek is a park located about 45 minutes outside the city full of towering trees, streams and a large lake.

The perfect place to run, bike, kayak or spend some much needed quality time hiking with your wolf.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI_zpsfh12v6hh.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 20_zpsv1nbcbme.jpg

The East coast is known for their bright colored fall trees.

In the Midwest we have richer colors – golds, evergreens and burgundies.

You’ll wake up one morning and open the window to a crisp breeze and a spectrum of rich colors right in your front yard.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 9_zpsavfwdjd7.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 3_zpsohhlsqy1.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 15_zpsleisxcsv.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 8_zpsczcaj2sk.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 2_zpsdorm0fsb.jpg

We hiked over crunching leaves, over bridges and along the lake for hours enjoying the warm day and crisp breeze.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 23_zpsr5u54kxu.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 13_zpssmc8wbh6.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 5_zpsg1wjbdx9.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 16_zpsriuzz8tv.jpg

Mile after mile of tree lined trails makes you feel like you’re in the UP but with a much more convenient drive.

You might pass a runner here and a biker there but the sounds of cars and civilization and canceled out and replaced with the crunch of drying leaves and birds singing.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 19_zpsdhipgprw.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 7_zpsotk8ppj5.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 21_zpsaj7yyr7w.jpg
 photo Stony Creek Park MI 24_zpsihojslmv.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 18_zpsijcalbyy.jpg

The full trail is 6 miles around the lake. You may have to give each other pep talks to get through it.

Promises of warm apple cider and donuts may have been promised if we made it out.

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 28_zpsm8bonl5c.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 31_zpspe6owuku.jpg

 photo Stony Creek Park MI 30_zpslml2l3ff.jpg

There’s nothing quite like a trail hike in the fall. The perfect way to start my fall bucket list, if you ask me!

I have 3 1/2 weeks to fit in all things fall (you best believe on the day after Thanksgiving, I’m in full Christmas mode), have any suggestions?

Yates Cider Mill, MI

My very first blog post about a year ago was about Yates Cider Mill.

A week after we moved from Chicago to Michigan, my family took me and the Wolf there for my birthday.


It absolutely blows my mind that I’ve lived here for a year already! Where has the time gone!

It has been, simultaneously, the fastest and the longest year of my life.

Isn’t it funny when you look at anniversaries and milestones in your life and think about where you were at the start and think, if you only knew what the future is about to bring . . .

A little sentiment for you there – I just couldn’t believe it’s been so long already! I figured if I wrote it down, I would be forced to accept that it’s true.

Anyways, back to Yates. Being a Michigan girl through and through, when the air gets crisp and the leaves start changing the only thing I can think about is good cider mill donuts and, obviously, cider.

Yates has turned into my go to place in the fall due to their hiking trail along the river and through the forest that’s dog friendly.

You’ll know you’re getting close when the road turns country and there’s the smell of crisp apples and roasting corn in the air.

 photo Yates Cider Mill_zpsmqjcnc8j.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 2_zpsg9y1neua.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 5_zps4evtbqku.jpg

Yates has a trail that winds around the river then through the woods (I couldn’t help myself). On a crisp fall, day there really is no better place to be.

You can escape the city with a walk under the colored trees with the sun filtering down, with the sound of the rushing river below you.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 4_zpso3uajpar.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 3_zpsk21jtbks.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 6_zpskqznt1pl.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 7_zpscmspsktl.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 8_zps0moytdbm.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 9_zpsajkfmtk1.jpg

The deeper you go the sounds of children laughing and excited sugar induced chatter are replaced with the crunch of leaves under your feet and birds singing in the trees.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 10_zpspwyump2j.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 11_zpsonzrtwlt.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 13_zpsox5xlcdu.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 14_zpsxfo1a7bh.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 16_zpsul6vpz42.jpg

The face of pure happiness.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 17_zpsycmrxrqq.jpg

Tell me, can you think of a better sight on an October weekend?

 photo Yates Cider Mill 19_zpsxjtqeevw.jpg

Pretty soon, the sounds of civilization begin to  creep back on you and you’ll emerge from the trees into the heart of Yates where you can find anything autumnal your little heart desires.

Pumpkins, hay, stalks, roasted corn, fried donuts, cider, anything.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 20_zpsjofof8ab.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 22_zps9pqhylfr.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 24_zps0cn1eodh.jpg

The line into the mill is no joke.

Donut roll your eyes and walk away though.

Pluck up your patience and get in line.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 23_zpscaso5fiq.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 26_zpsb0dnyspg.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 25_zpspsdkdpnt.jpg

Then . . . it’s time.

Plus, cider mill calories don’t count so be sure you get a big bag of donuts and at least half a gallon of cider (each).

 photo Yates Cider Mill 27_zpsp6oeben2.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 28_zpsyo4urul2.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 29_zpspbbqx0bg.jpg

This is perfection.

Forget the PSL, give me a cider mill donut any day. This, my friends, is fall.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 30_zpsjhwg6hiw.jpg

If you’re in Michigan, grab your own Wolf and be sure to check out Yates. If you’re out of state, find a local cider mill by you and be sure to stop by before it’s too late

One more sentimental moment before you go:

To those of you are have been here from the start, thanks for following along.

For those of you who are new, welcome aboard – we like food, travel and pups here. If you do too, I think we’ll get along just fine!

Wednesday Walk

The worst thing about summer is working. An obvious statement right?

Sitting under fluorescent lights, in a room where it’s permanently too hot or too cold, without a window in sight but knowing that just beyond that wall, the sun is shining bright and warm.

I’ve mentioned before that I think all cities look the best in the rain but, let’s be honest, they don’t look too shabby in the sun either.

Most summer days, the call of the sun is too tempting for me and I have to get out, even for a little bit. So today, I thought I’d take you with me today for a little walk (plus, you know I can never pass up an opportunity to take you around Detroit).

 photo DSC01910_zpsxf4ml9hi.jpg

 photo DSC01907_zps4h1tetmz.jpg

 photo DSC01901_zpsuh52xk3p.jpg

 photo DSC01903_zps5qlwdnua.jpg

 photo DSC01908_zps5hllbszw.jpg

 photo DSC01915_zpsequm0jp1.jpg

 photo DSC01919_zpsanpo4fte.jpg

 photo DSC01921_zpsfenj5m2h.jpg

 photo DSC01913_zpsuqclbq6s.jpg

Recognize this building?

 photo DSC01914_zpsjeyw1rzj.jpg

 photo DSC01920_zpsffa8cqs7.jpg

Isn’t it funny how a little sun can recharge you to tackle the rest of the day. Go for a walk, grab some coffee, put on Beyonce and then watch out world!

Mackinac Island, MI

I have been anxiously awaiting to share this post with you since the day I booked my hotel reservation.

Confession: I’ve never been to Mackinac Island (pronounced like ‘Mackinaw’). If you’re not from MI you’re probably thinking “so?”. If you are, you’re probably scandalized.

For those who don’t know, Mackinac Island is a gorgeous island nestled in the straights of Mackinac between the two peninsulas. Ask any Michigander and they’ve been there.

When I moved home, one of the goals I had was to travel more and the top of my regional travel list: Mackinac.

So when the day finally came to set off, I was ready.

There is only one way to get to the island: ferry.

Most people, calmly sit around waiting for it to show, thankful that there’s always that one person, fervently on the lookout too make sure the ferry doesn’t miss them by.

Did I mention the ferries (we took Shepler’s) are dog friendly?

 photo Sheplers Ferry_zpskf3j5kmr.jpg

You can sit on the first level, enclosed with no fear of mist, severe wind or water splashing on you. Or you can sit on the top for the full effect.

Some of us were thrilled. Others, a little skeptical

 photo WW Ferry_zpsihutkyvr.jpg

As was the theme of our trip, it was gray, cloudy and with mist so thick you couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of your face.

However, after what felt like a lifetime (a few minutes) the island slowly came into view.

 photo Sheplers Ferry MI_zpsbxdyitzc.jpg

 photo Fog Mackinac _zps3ir2ysyx.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Fog_zpshkpqxgiv.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Bike Rentals_zpsw8pxaqcy.jpg

You pull into the dock, walk down the pier and through the entrance to the ferry yard and right onto Main Street which is lined with every type of shop you could ever want.

Clothing, coffee, ice cream, sweets, restaurants, books. You name it, it’s there.

 photo Mackinac Main Street_zpssu14hid8.jpg

The coolest part of Mackinac?

There are no cars. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

No traffic. No loud noises. No worries crossing the street. No stop signs. No flashing traffic lights. No exhaust fumes. Nothing.

To get around, you can walk . . .

 photo Main Street Mackinac_zpspj4b7nrx.jpg

Ride bikes. . .

 photo Fudge Shop Mackinac_zpsbqvqamx0.jpg

Or hop in a  horse and buggy.

 photo Mackinac Island Shuttle_zpsf1kypb3c.jpg

Mackinac is an island filled with history and arriving there feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

But what is Mackinac really known for (besides the lack of cars)?


There are countless fudge shops on Main Street and people tend to pick one and be fiercely loyal.

 photo Murdicks Fudge_zpswgntzeo1.jpg

You can sit and watch the fudge being made, cut and packaged by hand as you’re engulfed in the sweet, rich smell of chocolate.

 photo Fudge Making Mackinac_zpsddip6aak.jpg

 photo Horse and Carriage Mackinac_zpswkoaty4g.jpg

Even in the rain and gloom Main Street is gorgeous.

Whether you’re window shopping, actually shopping, people watching or doing what the Wolf and I do best – eating ice cream, you will feel relaxed, at ease and content.

 photo Wolf Ice Cream_zpssktrmc2i.jpg

If you walk down through the end of Main Street to the left you’ll see the harbor, Fort Mackinac (founded during the American Revolution where actors recreate it’s history every day) and the cutest cottages and homes you’ve ever seen.

 photo Mackinac Island Harbor_zpshmm6pnps.jpg

 photo Fort Mackinac_zpsz8vid84s.jpg

 photo Cottages Mackinac Island_zps67lxsnet.jpg

 photo Street Mackinac Island_zps5kppx1fw.jpg

 photo Espresso Cafe Mackinac Island_zpsux1g4ubj.jpg

 photo Espresso Cafe Patio_zpsf29tjs2e.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Yacht Club_zpsuktmynyg.jpg

 photo Residential Mackinac Island_zpskrxnvtnz.jpg

I found my dream home. Honestly, what’s better than  mint house with a yellow door? (Nothing)

 photo Dream Home_zps5gghfvzb.jpg

 photo Pastel Cottage Mackinac_zps93nupetm.jpg

 photo Lilac Tree Mackinac_zpsxgquf0qs.jpg

If you exit Main Street on the other end you’ll come out on a boardwalk that leads you right to the edge of the water and around the island.

 photo Downtown Mackinac_zps90fplfro.jpg

 photo Lake Edge Mackinac Island_zpsnq739p3k.jpg

The waves of the lake lapping agains the shore on your left and endless trees on your right. It’s the perfect place to wander.

 photo WW Walk_zpsxg4paokz.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Woods_zpscbnrabxl.jpg

 photo Mackinac Road Sign_zpspwfo5kux.jpg

This is the face of pure, unadulterated bliss.

 photo Wanderer_zpstokaftkk.jpg

If you decide to stray away from the lake and head inland, you’ll reach the Grand Hotel.

The immaculately manicured laws, historic front porch and the fact that it was the background for the Christopher Reeve’ Movie Somewhere in Time makes it the most visited spotson the island.

 photo The Grand Hotel Grounds_zpseroma5wm.jpg

If you want to get anywhere past this sign however, be prepared to pay.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s beautiful but I didn’t care enough to pay to approach it. The island itself is so incredible, I wanted to spend more time exploring that rather than a hotel.

 photo Grand Hotel Mackinac Island_zps6txq8vkb.jpg

 photo The Grand Hotel Mackinac Island_zpsd4tpk1la.jpg

One of my top Mackinac tips for you.

No matter how tired you are, you must explore the island in the evening.

The sun goes down, lights come on and people migrate to their hotels.

It feels like the island is yours and yours alone. The waves are lapping on the shore, bugs are humming in the trees, you may pass a person here or there who will give you a friendly wave as you take in the quiet with the occasional sound of horse hooves clapping in the distance.

 photo Mackinac at Night_zps47wbr4pv.jpg

 photo Mackinac Harbor Night_zps0qqqvq4h.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Harbor Night_zpsdayz9evg.jpg

 photo Downtown Mackinac Night_zpsfkyyhwk7.jpg

 photo Maint Street at Night_zpswtd0dr1k.jpg

Do you remember that scene in Midnight in Paris when Owen Wilson says he likes Paris best in the rain? Well, I agree and even more, I like most places better in the rain.

Mackinac was no exception.

However, the next morning when the sun came out, I wasn’t complaining.

The sun made the greens of the trees, the pinks and purples of the flowers and the pastel on the cottages pop and look like something straight out of a painting.

 photo Mackinac Island Highway_zpsgob8eoun.jpg

 photo Lilac Festival Mackinac Island_zpslkxexmnh.jpg

All too soon, the sun hid itself again behind layers of clouds and we had to pack up and head back to the ferry.

 photo Mackinac Coast_zpsz1kt4qgo.jpg

My whole life, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to new and beautiful places.

I’ve seen mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans and I have to tell you, Mackinac has to be one of my favorite places.

It’s like no place I’ve ever been. It’s beautiful and serene.

No one on the island (tourists and native alike) care about dressing up, putting on makeup or looking their best.

People walk around in jeans and t-shirts, no makeup, no frills or heels.

All their focus is on their loved ones, pets, family, whoever they came with. Time seems to stand still in the best way.

Plus, the island is one of the most dog friendly places I’ve ever been. Most restaurants have patios for you to eat out on with your furry friend, shop owners enthusiastically let you bring them in and everyone on the street is so excited to see them, they can’t help but smile.

Even Lupin, my little nervous nelly, loved it there. Despite the bikes and people, he strutted around happy as a clam. Although, I’m sure the ice cream helped with that.

 photo WW Traveling_zpsttabqynd.jpg

I’m already planning a trip back when I can stay more than 1 night on the island.

It’s one of those places, you can come back to over and over and still feel like you’re coming home.

 photo Mighty Mac Bridge_zpse9bhwyib.jpg

As you sail past the Mighty Mac and back to reality, you can’t help to whisper a “see you soon” rather than a “goodbye”.