Sunday Snaps

You know those weeks when everything that could go wrong does and it gets to the point where even when you go to bed you dream about all the chaos going on? That was last week.

By the time Sunday rolled around, we tossed around ideas of what to do with no enthusiasm or effort. Movies? No. Shopping? No. Downtown? No. Staying in bed half the day only to roll out to eat popcorn and finally get a start on the Gilmore Girls revival? Yes!

It’s funny, in college there was nothing more I hated than a weekend where I just sat around. I was always trying to find something to do or somewhere to go.

Now that I’m busier than I’ve ever been or maybe I’m just old but I can’t think of a better way to end a crazy week than lounging around with your favorite person, pushing responsibility aside and just enjoying the little things.

 photo B4C3C492-BC92-41C9-98DF-AC74C967AEEE_zpsqmnxy0yx.jpg

A morning of puppy cuddles and enjoying the snow outside and the flowers inside.

 photo 7829A5B6-1738-4081-BD4F-114E256EBD12_zpstk7tl1qn.jpg

 photo A2BB40B9-5FA0-4FB3-8F78-EA309FCD73FC_zpsffobzcdf.jpg

In the afternoon, pajamas were replaced with a mens sweater and slippers. The book replaced with Netflix. Popcorn was added as was more puppy cuddles.

 photo A2256178-E67E-4B93-ACF5-C97307876B52_zps8695txvv.jpg

 photo 4549BBDC-6B4F-4248-8319-9D45BC8263E3_zpsdaoy5l4r.jpg

 photo EB2754E7-2C83-4B72-824C-625E6801C115_zpsxw0zzggz.jpg

 photo A8E9E265-54B8-49DD-A558-A6BB32CDBA1C_zpsuuv7deic.jpg

Does your dog sleep like this too? It honestly can’t be comfortable!

 photo E5965886-FA83-4733-80CD-E055A93EDD4F_zps77sogkwl.jpg

We only had time for the first episode of the Gilmore Revival so no spoilers!

As the sun set, I got a little baking in (and more Netflix, let’s be honest).

 photo 6524A066-B068-4FF7-AB84-A5012BC1F6D6_zpsqdgpfdmd.jpg

 photo D30FB33B-06B4-40D3-A0D8-B9CABE5340B9_zpswsq9dds4.jpg

And, feeling recharged, hit the books until Lupin started tugging at my sleeve to go to bed.

 photo 3EB6B637-8DB5-4517-95AB-8E382269DBFF_zpsgzxiycsm.jpg

 photo 27FE5EE1-3F2A-4197-8EBB-4FEB4A4090AB_zpsjujk202t.jpg

 photo D30332F3-E711-4449-B891-D267D72EDDAA_zpsoxojxmdu.jpg

Only to find my new tulip fully in bloom. Nothing beats the winter blues quite like vibrant flowers!

 photo 3CE6988A-207E-43CE-B234-1C63B43CC4DD_zpsifnwklv4.jpg

 photo B86DC4B2-DC85-4AAB-808B-2346185E4851_zpsub3mo9ca.jpg

While it was no grand adventure, it was a great day and I had to share just a few snaps. Isn’t it nice to take a day to just slow down and enjoy the little things in life?

The Long Weekend

Happy day back from a long weekend! It’s going to be a rough one.

How was your fourth of July? Did you do anything fun?

After a morning of eating coffee cake and singing along to Perry Como, the Wolf and I spent the afternoon lounging outside.

He, snug as a bug in a rug in the dewy grass.

 photo 1E535314-9E69-4F35-84FA-2D8756F62979_zpskju7y8kc.jpg

 photo 226B4042-4C3F-4A4F-8091-7395203F6410_zpsatb2gekw.jpg

Me, nestled amongst the flowers, book in hand.

 photo 79FE9A1D-C0CA-48A7-A1CD-CCE032FD2DD0_zpsxhkk0bse.jpg

 photo 86C3BE12-CCAB-4BED-9B3C-EA43A8063BF3_zps4w87swxk.jpg

I wrote in my last post about The Little Paris Bookshop and how the main character is a literary apothecary who prescribes books for people as a form of medicine.

I said that if I were to have met him in real life, TLPB is the book I think he would prescribe for me.

Well, I think he would have also prescribed the book I read this weekend as well.

Coming off a pretty bad week, all I wanted for the weekend was to relax and escape reality, so I picked up Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I devoured it in 2 days.

I will tell you nothing about the book, just know if you want to escape reality for a little bit, you must read it!

 photo F7BBFBF4-161A-4981-BCD4-91A6CA037A04_zpsk6n0qy4m.jpg

I didn’t just love this book because of the escape. There were a few lines in it that spoke to my soul. I know what you’re thinking, “a young adult, fantasy book spoke to your soul? Really Caitlin?”

Yes. Yes it did.

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much. In fact I think I had less than 10 posts last month.

The thing is, life has gotten so hectic that I had to eliminate something otherwise I would never sleep and in the end, that thing ended up being the blog.

I haven’t been anywhere or done anything exciting recently. When I’ve gone out, I’ve gone to the same restaurants. My nights are spent in PJs watching TV and my weekends are filled with running errands and walking the pup.

Nothing special and nothing I thought was worth blogging about. In other words: nothing extraordinary.

How does this fit in with Miss Peregrine’s? Well I’ll leave you with one of the last lines of the book and, hopefully, it’ll strike a cord with you the same way it did with me:

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.”

So, this July come along with me and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Happy Friday!

This week, I haven’t done anything special but it’s honestly been one of the best weeks I’ve had all year!

The Sun’s been out in full blast, I’ve been shopping nonstop and I have some good changes coming up in the next few weeks. 
When I moved to Michigan, I had to start all over with my life and now, things are finally falling into place. 

But the best part? Summer is finally here and all the things that go with it!

Long drives with the windows down and music blaring…

 photo 03FE3D52-1E41-4AC1-B7BD-CC60DF436ECD_zpse7uwloqz.jpg
 photo CCEB148D-572F-4BF6-B335-C9C6A880CCA7_zpsh8azl83q.jpg

Barbecue …

 photo 714965DD-62B1-48E1-BDE9-698ABB2BEE8F_zpsm0mwl1jm.jpg

Island drinks …

 photo 228C07E3-69DC-4D16-A028-613F3089DB5F_zpsuo3mwwqj.jpg

Endless cups of ice cream …

 photo 9A0C3E93-2AD3-463D-A649-BE5E15107D66_zpsopepjmmj.jpg

Colorful accessories …

 photo 9F616090-5389-4EDF-9A53-2EDA33099FF7_zpsg0n5aql9.jpg

Girls nights out …

 photo 89F979F5-A365-4FC3-B71F-7FD565395A1E_zpssperizpd.jpg

And naps following long walks with the pups. 

 photo 8E7CA932-1D8D-4D79-87DD-044E7CB2DE51_zpsermftykn.jpg

Tell me, what is your favorite part of summer? 

Are you as excited for the next few months as me?

Sunday Snaps

I wish I could tell you all about a new, absolutely fantastic bar or mouth-watering restaurant I discovered this weekend but, unfortunately, I spent a good portion of the weekend working.

Come Sunday, after quite a few cups of coffee, I decided to follow the advice of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford and “treat yo self“.

Being a spur of the moment day, I didn’t grab my camera but my little iPhone was as snap happy as ever.

First, a stop at Brugers to carb up.

A perfectly crispy everything bagel, oozing with cream cheese.

Doesn’t that make your heart pitter patter? The only thing better than a perfectly toasted bagel, in my opinion, is a perfect scoop (or two…or three) of ice cream.

Nextstop: shopping


(shirt) (shorts (sunnies)
I left with the elephant shirt…and shorts. You cannever have enough elephants in your wardrobe. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

And yes, I did name all the elephants on the shirt (Tantor, Archibald and Minerva).

Finally, a trip to the salon for a much needed manicure. One of my biggest guilty pleasures.

Currently, I’m at home now with a big smile on my face, blogging with a glass of wine in one hand and popcorn in the other.

There’s nothing quite like a treat yo self day to raise your spirits and recenter yourself.

Anyone have any good ideas for my next TYS day?

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling

I had the laziest of lazy Sundays this week. I woke up late to the pitter-patter of rain falling on my window. Tell me, is there anything as inviting to stay in bed late than a rainy Sunday?

After a good hour surrounded by fluffy pillows and cocooned in blankets, scrolling through Twitter and Pinterest, I finally gave in to the only thing that could get me out of bed – breakfast (that and Lu started doing the bathroom dance).

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Is that not the biggest, fluffiest, dreamiest bagel you’ve ever seen?

Bagel with Cheese

After eating, some of us headed back to bed . . .

Puppy Stairs

While others sat down to edit pictures (is it just me or is editing photos one of the most stress-relieving and relaxing things to do?).

Desk Details

Then it was time to settle down for the rest of the evening on the couch with a good book.

Has anyone ever read this series? It’s wickedly funny – especially if you love a good pun!

Groucho Marx, Secret Agent

Plus, can we please talk about this inscription.

Groucho Marx Inscription


Sometimes the best days are the laziest.

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend or did you have a lazy day like me?